Marketing Manager Job Description

Marketing is what creates demand for a product or service. Companies have a separate department especially for marketing of the products and services. The person who heads this department is known as the marketing manager. To know more about this exciting profession, read the marketing manager job description we have provided for your benefit.

The whole concept behind the idea of marketing is to create curiosity among the common public about a product or service, to satisfy this curiosity, people purchase this product and make use of it. If the buyer likes the product, they will purchase it again and thus the company has a client for life. Creating this demand is not an easy task and the manager has to handle the department that does.

The manager needs to have god administrative skills as the marketing department has a lot of people working in it. The marketing department, to function smoothly, has to coordinate with many other departments like the sales and the advertising department. The person in charge of coordinating is the marketing manager. They have to manage all the process and ensure that it runs smoothly, only then will sales take place.

The manager has to make sure that all the work for the day is done on time and each employee has filed all the required reports. The manager then has to make report of their own and send to their head. Good administrative skills are the main part of the job. They also have to solve any inter departmental issues before the news reaches any of the high-level management.

The job of the manager is hard one to get and one needs to have good experience in the field to be manager. However, to make the job a bit easier is the good salary they receive. The amount of salary is dependent on the size of the company, but the amount is good in all places, since it is a management job. To know about their duties and responsibilities, see the marketing manager job description given here.

Duties and responsibilities of a marketing manager

Qualifications required for the post of marketing manager

Career Advancement

They have a great opportunity to move up in the high-level management in the company.

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