Brand Assistant Responsibilities

Brand assistant may refer to an assistant brand manager or a brand marketing assistant. Both these professions are related to the strategic positioning and promotion of a brand to capture the attention of the target consumers. However, this is just the end result of all the efforts a brand assistant puts while at work.

A brand assistant is required to support the Brand Manager in an organization. He may have to look after a specific brand or a few brands that may or may not specialize in a product or service. It is always necessary to identify and place each brand, so that the customers are able to distinguish it from brands of the rival companies.

A brand assistant usually performs a market research in order to measure the effect of marketing and promotional strategies for a brand. This procedure is also necessary to understand the perception of the consumers. To develop a new product or product range for an existing brand, the brand assistant again has to identify the needs of the consumers before going further.

The brand assistant presents the research reports to the brand manager and helps in the development of placement and promotional strategies for the brand.

Job Responsibilities of a Brand Assistant

Skills of a Brand Assistant

A brand assistant should be able to:

Becoming a Brand Assistant

You are required to complete your education with at least a bachelor's or master's degree in marketing management or a business related course. Individuals with an associate degree and previous experience can be employed, as their experience is compensatory to the knowledge requirements.

Career Scope

An assistant brand manager or a branding assistant is eligible to earn an annual compensation that ranges from $28,000 to $35,000. The salary offered to you will be based on your educational qualifications, previous experience, and also on your salary in the previous job.

Responsibilities of a brand assistant will help you learn about the professional requirements and educational qualifications required for this job.

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