Field Marketing Representative Responsibilities

Field marketing representatives are responsible for marketing, selling and soliciting an advertising space, time, or media in various advertisement media like print media including newspapers and publications, TV, radio, Internet, and other social media. They have to obtain various outdoor assignments, bid leases for outdoor advertising sites, and persuade the retailers for using their sales promotion display items and merchandise.

Key Responsibilities of a Field Marketing Representative

The basic responsibility of a field marketing representative is to manage outdoor media sales and marketing for an advertisement company and provide business expansion opportunities to retail vendors, manufacturers, store managers, and distributors by providing apt marketing solutions to them. They have to initiate the marketing process by creating general awareness about a product, business, or service for connecting the buyer and the seller on the same platform. A field marketing representative represents the organization while demonstrating its products and services, and he acts as a liaison between the buyer and the seller. He has to undertake lots of marketing activities like promotions, advertisement, sales, and marketing.

Key responsibilities of a field marketing representative comprise:

Required Qualification and Skills

The basic qualification required for being a successful field marketing representative is a bachelor's degree in marketing, business administration, communications, or other related field in marketing. However, the employers looking for the candidate in the senior-level field marketing positions prefer one who has a master's degree / MBA. Along with this, if one plans to get engaged in a long term field marketing career, one should take up the additional course in advertising, marketing principles, communication studies, public relations, economics and finance.

Apart from the educational qualifications, one also needs to have certain relevant experience in the desired industry of marketing. Many colleges also offer marketing internships and on the job training in industry specific profile for fulfilling the candidates' dream career in the desired industry.

Also, for efficiently accomplishing the responsibilities of a field marketing representative, one also needs certain skills and abilities required in this profile. Skills essential for this profile comprise strong written and verbal communication skills, leadership and management skills, excellent organizational and time management skills, and strong interpersonal skills and negotiation skills. Along with this, one should also demonstrate previous record in field marketing representation and must be self motivated and flexible in various tasking situations.

Salary Compensation

The average annual salary of a field marketing representative falls in the range of $40,000 to $80,000. The lowest salary offered for this position falls around $22,000 per year, while the highest salary offered to them falls around $116,000 per year.

Marketing in itself is a broad field that provides a variety of career options, though the specific responsibilities do vary depending on the industry. If you wish to start your career in the field of marketing, it would be beneficial to have a look at the specific roles and responsibilities of the chosen field of marketing for obtaining specific information regarding that profile. This article provides detailed description of the roles and responsibilities of field marketing representative. This profile in the field of marketing has lots of career prospects in future, and you can make a great career in it if you possess the necessary qualification, skills, and expertise for handling the responsibilities efficiently.

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