Head Librarian Responsibilities

The head librarian responsibilities include playing the role of a supervisor and director of small libraries, wherein s/he oversees the library personnel. A huge library may have a number of small libraries inside it, and it is here that the principal expert of the same is the head librarian. S/he informs the sectional and library director about the daily events and conflicts taking place there. In some libraries, s/he is also the library director.

A head librarian has the following key responsibilities:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A head librarian has a master's degree in library science or a similar branch. This degree makes her/him competent enough to handle and manage the job roles and duties of a head librarian. Before executing the duties and responsibilities of a head librarian, s/he must have executed the role of a librarian for about five to six years in a reputed library before. S/he also requires to update herself/himself with the latest advancements in the field of books, CDs and web internet services. S/he needs to have good reading and interacting skills. These would help her/him communicate with the clients and help them find the required books, CDs or other things. Finally, s/he also needs to have a good memory and outstanding learning abilities so that s/he can help the readers and visitors as well.

Working Conditions

A head librarian, generally, works in a huge library that contains books, novels, magazines, movie and music CDs and other internet facilities. S/he administrates the library associates working under her/him and plans hosting interesting events in the library. As the name suggests, s/he remains surrounded with books, CDs, readers and visitors. S/he generally works most of the days and keeps just one day off for herself/himself. S/he works for around eight to nine hours in a single day. Her/his is a relaxed environment where everybody works peacefully.


A head librarian draws anywhere between USD 40, 000 to USD 70, 000 per annum. Her/his salary also varies within the given range from one type of library to another.

Thus, the head librarian responsibilities include helping the clients with finding particular books and carrying out programs in the library in order to encourage the readers and visitors.

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