Head of Marketing Responsibilities

The head of marketing responsibilities include stepping-up the commercial stocks through configuring and enforcing effective merchandising programs and strategies that are grounded on detailed study, examination and assessment of the sectional market. He/she investigates, studies, examines and assesses the contending merchandising atmosphere.

A marketing head also notices the risks, dangers and workable merchandising possibilities and scopes, and adopts and implements necessary measures as and when needed. He/she makes sure that the quality of the particular selling brand names and gross revenues enhances and that the number of the same intensifies as time goes by.

He/she has the following key roles, job responsibilities and duties that he/she executes on a regular basis:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A head of marketing should be a bachelor of marketing, finance, advertizing, public relations or a similar branch. He/she can have a bachelor's degree in business administration or business management while majoring in the respective related branches. A master's degree in the same subjects could fetch him/her a job with a reputed company, as a marketing head or marketing director. The candidate works in a low marketing position initially and then slowly graduates to the level of a marketing director or a head of marketing after many years.

After attaining this post, his/her main duties lie with the ones mentioned above and supervising. A head of marketing should have some skills apart from the above mentioned qualifications, in order to execute the same job responsibilities. He/she should possess strong examining and resolving skills. He/she also needs to be disciplined and positively self-assured. Finally, he/she should also have good initiative and motivational skills and his/her behavior should be formal and polite. Having good interacting skills would prove to be a bonus to the organization that hires him/her.

Working Conditions

A head of marketing usually works for extended and unconventional hours. He/she works for around 40 hours or more in a week. His/her daily work plans differ with respect to time and he/she undergoes a lot of stress and many issues while working. He/she has to work extra extended hours in order to meet the marketing objectives of his/her company.


A head of marketing usually earns about or more than USD 138, 470 every year on a median basis. But his salary varies from one company to another and from place to place.

Thus, the head of marketing responsibilities include analyzing the marketing activities of his/her company and promoting the commodities produced by the same.

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