Head Teller Responsibilities

The head teller responsibilities include working in a bank, maintaining the money container and overseeing the affairs of the latter. He/she brings equilibrium among various money containers and performs money or currency analysis. He/she also considers the cash notes very carefully and this is one of his/her key responsibilities and duties. He/she administrates and directs other tellers and equalizes their working conditions by looking for more or less money. This usually happens in case the tellers under him/her do not maintain equilibrium.

He/she inspires the tellers and makes sure that they achieve their bank aims and targets. A head teller also instructs the others on how to execute money container undertakings and functions. He/she advises them on providing one of the best and superior client services. He/she interacts with the clients, administrators and tellers on a regular basis and executes effective client services. A head teller refills the machine-driven teller devices and transports cash to the bank locker.

A head teller performs the following key duties and executes the following job responsibilities:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A bank head teller should have a bachelor's degree in finance or accounts or in a relative field. He/she can also pursue a master's degree in the same field and rise to good and respectable positions in the future. He/she should be very patient and calm and should execute his/her roles very carefully. If he/she makes a mistake, other people in the bank are bound to suffer and this gives rise to confusion. Apart from possessing all these qualifications and skills, he/she should also be very observant and should have good calculating skills.

Working Conditions

A head teller works in a bank and has to be very careful while counting cash. He/she works for about eight hours daily and six days a week. He/she generally has a half day on Saturdays. He/she gets many holidays. He/she remains surrounded by currency notes and other bank associates.


A head teller draws about USD 31, 000 per year on a median basis.

Thus, the head teller responsibilities include counting cash and administrating other tellers while executing the bank activities.

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