Health and Safety Manager Responsibilities

Safety and health management is an integral part of an organization's responsibility. Employers are liable to provide a safe and healthy environment to their employees or anyone who are visiting their work premises. According to OSHA, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employers are directly responsible for maintaining and securing an environment that is hazard-free and safe. A health and safety manager is a person who is designated to oversee the safety programs and its implementation in an organization. Health and safety manager responsibilities are carried out in compliance with health and safety regulations and to enforce employee's health and safety at work.

Health and safety being a crucial matter, the role of a health and safety manager requires a competent, dedicated and responsible attitude in the person. The manager must monitor and address safety issues for employees and the company. He/she has the ability to assess operational, procedural or environmental risks and threats before they occur and take corrective measures accordingly. Minimizing risks, designing programs, formulating emergency plans, incident reporting and examining safety levels are some of the basic tasks that are carried out by these professionals. He/she aims to promote the physical and mental well being of employees with the help of certain techniques and methods which are in line with the organization's health and safety policies.

Key Duties and Responsibilities of a Health and Safety Manager

Essential Skills

Educational Qualifications

A health and safety manager has to complete his/her bachelorís degree from a recognized university or college. Some employers demand a masterís degree or Certified Safety Professional certification as a qualification criterion for the position.

The managers are required to invest their quality time in new learning programs during their tenure of work. It is extremely important to remain updated with new safety and health policies and standards. Thus, attending workshops and training sessions are compulsory for them.

Salary Details

A health and safety manager receives a remuneration of $39,207 to $92,810 per annum, depending on various factors. Managers are usually entitled to receive an additional pay in terms of bonus, commissions, allowances, and other benefits to a maximum of $25000 per year approximately.

The pay structure is dependent on the educational background, skills, and experience of the candidate as well as the nature, size or location of the employer.

Work Conditions and Duration

A health and safety manager spends standard working hours of 40¨ 45 hours per week from Monday to Friday. Based on the work load, emergency or priority basis, working hours may be extended to late evening, night or weekend. He/she may work in an office, factory, mine or other places and must be equipped with safety equipment like gloves, helmets, etc. This kind of job profile usually involves fieldwork and travel.

Thus, health and safety work involves ensuring safety and health of employees in an organization. To perform health and safety manager responsibilities, one should possess the essential skills, having enough experience to implement programs in compliance with safety regulations. Job openings in this field are plentiful, and one can plan a promising career with growth potential in this field of work.

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