International Marketing Specialist Responsibilities

The international marketing specialist responsibilities include doing the tasks and executing the undertakings of a global marketing expert. The international marketing expert works in collaboration with the brand merchandising unit and is also accountable for helping the global merchandising administrator in the completion of global plans and enforcement of international programs in coordination with its associates. The international marketing specialist ensures that the establishment for which he/she works garners maximum profits.

He/she is held accountable for creating and designing trading strategies that comprise implementing approvals, modifications and enhancements by studying and examining the present merchandise collections against the business requirements of the international market. He/she also offers analytical and project back up to the clients and interacts with the global sections across the world about local merchandising operations, demonstrations and presentations.

The international marketing specialist responsibilities and key jobs, tasks, undertakings, roles and duties are as under:

Educational Qualifications and Skills Required

The candidate who wants to do the job duties and work of an international marketing specialist or expert needs to have a bachelor's degree for entry level positions. He/she should obtain this degree in business administration or business management, wherein he/she would need to specialize in marketing, finance or international business.

He/she could also do a bachelor's degree in any other related or similar field or branch. He/she could obtain a master's degree in business administration and major in similar subjects. This would step up his/her job opportunities and he/she would surely be shortlisted for very attractive, high salary paying and reputed companies. He/she also requires to have some years of marketing expertise and internships in business management or marketing.

All these would give him/her the advantage of getting selected and chosen by companies that he/she would prefer to join. Possessing other marketing certificates, diplomas or degrees would be highly beneficial and would be added advantage as well. He/she could get trained on some international marketing programs and get advice from counselors to increase his/her experience in this field.

Apart from all these qualifications, he/she should also have some skills that would be considered as assets to the organization that he/she joins. He/she should have good communication, technical, speaking, writing, presenting, documenting, pleasing, motivating, promoting, assisting, creative, analyzing, planning, strategizing, computer, administering and directing skills.

Also, he/she should be attentive and a good negotiator. He/she should have good organizing, marketing, sales, multitasking, identifying and investigative skills. Having a presence of mind and a balanced and healthy mind, brain and body would prove very beneficial to the company.

Working Conditions

The international marketing specialist works in a stressful and fast working ambience. He/she has a busy and irregular environment as well. He/she has to travel outside as well as inside the country. He/she spends long working hours spanning about nine to ten hours per day. He/she gets only around one off in a week and has to meet the targets of the company very often by working overtime.


The international marketing specialist earns about USD 37, 100 per annum on an average.

Thus, the international marketing specialist responsibilities include comprehending the requirements of the clients and implementing international marketing plans and strategies.

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