Marketing Engineer Responsibilities

A marketing engineer is a professional who is engaged in marketing activities of the organization. The marketing engineer responsibilities play a crucial role in promoting the products and services of the organization. This professional tries to research the market and works towards marketing the products in that particular area so that the company earns maximum revenue. Thus, he/she is the main person responsible for developing the business and ensuring that it makes maximum profits. He/she may work in any type of industry like software, hardware, medical, technical, etc. He/she is responsible for collecting and analyzing the details whether the product will retain in the market or not.

Key Responsibilities

The marketing engineers first gain in depth knowledge of the product that they are going to market. They research in local, national or regional areas and try to determine whether there is some potential for it. They try to compile information about the competitor's products and design strategies in such a manner that they are able to stay ahead of the competitors. They analyze the data and study the needs and preferences of the customers. They promote the engineering products so as to reach maximum customers. They may also be involved in designing the marketing material necessary for the promotion of the product. The following points will illustrate the key responsibilities that need to be carried out by the marketing engineer in a technical field:

  1. To be responsible for the total system and architecture level solution that includes partner solutions, joint engineering architectural definitions as well as identification of new business development
  2. To create, update and present marketing collateral that includes technical presentations, data sheets, case studies, etc.
  3. To create demonstrations that highlight the key values of the product so as to aid in better market penetration of new technologies and features
  4. To work in the lab with the client partners for feature comparisons, bench marking, demonstration set up development as well as provide engineering guidance on enhancing the features and fixing the bugs
  5. To be involved in supporting the outbound activities like customer and field engagements by scheduling technical workshops, doing product demonstration and implementing the virtualization solutions
  6. To create outbound materials by liasing with the product management team as well as engineering team to produce implementation guides, product guides, white papers, competitive papers, etc.

The technical marketing engineer also needs to be present during the seminars, conferences, meetings, etc. He/she provides guidance and education on new products. He/she provides technical marketing expertise by providing hands on experience. He/she may write and create articles, and present technical information, both internally and externally.

The marketing engineer is thus accountable for ensuring that the product reaches maximum customers and makes maximum business for the company he/she is working in. He/she works closely with the marketing and engineering teams as well as the sales team, so as to position the products competitively. He/she tries to gain information about the position of the organization in the market as well as tries to get feedback about the products from the clients. He/she forecasts and tracks the current trends in the market and conducts indepth analysis of the collected data. He/she makes sure that the clients are satisfied and tries to measure the effectiveness of the marketing trends.

Essential Skills and Abilities

The individual looking to stabilize in this field should have strategic technical thinking and a good business understanding. He/she should be sensitive to deadlines and should be flexible to adjust according to the changing priorities. He/she should have the ability to work independently and make decisions in unstructured work environment. He/she should possess enthusiasm and natural curiosity for technology. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills are a must.

Educational Qualification

The marketing engineer may work in variety of different industries and hence the qualifications will change according to the relevant field and employers' expectations. He/she may have a mechanical or electronic engineering degree. Normally, the employers will prefer the candidates who have a similar work experience in the products they are marketing.

Work Schedule

The marketing engineering professionals should be flexible and ready to work at any given odd hours. Their work may involve frequent travelling as well. They usually work Monday through Friday, but may sometimes need to work on the weekends and holidays to attend some meetings, meet prospective clients, or conduct promotional campaigns.

Salary Details

The remuneration package offered for this professional will depend on the type of profession he/she is working in. For example, the salary of product marketing engineer is $124,000, whereas that of the technical marketing engineer is close to $130,000.

Career Prospects

The field of marketing is ever expanding and there are a good number of opportunities available for such positions. You can choose the field of your interest and demonstrate your own skills. Once you have proven your abilities, you will definitely move up and get promoted to the higher managerial positions. If you have higher qualifications and relevant work experience, then you will rise in your career quite fast.

Thus, if marketing is your passion and engineering is what interests you, then shouldering the marketing engineering responsibilities will definitely be a much easier job.

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