Marketing Executive Responsibilities

Marketing executive is the first step in any marketing based career. Executive marketing professionals are often referred to as marketing assistants, marketing officers, or marketing coordinators. They are involved in the management of various aspects of marketing like strategic planning, market research, product development, advertising, distribution and sponsorship, and public relationship management. Hence, the roles and responsibilities of marketing executives are quite challenging.

Key Responsibilities

Marketing executives have to promote products / services by developing marketing campaigns, organizing promotional events, and handling its entire process from start to end. He has to plan various marketing activities, advertise it extensively, assist in product development, distribution, and sponsorship, along with maintaining a public relationship.

The extended responsibilities of a marketing executive vary depending on the size and strength of the organization, and the products / services they promote. Along with this, the responsibilities vary distinctively in public and private sector organizations, which range from finance, retailing, and media industries.

The key responsibilities of a marketing executive comprise:

A marketing executive needs to be aware about the company's product line, historical marketing activities and potential market plans of the product / service and the company, media requirement, and budgeting issues for planning accurate marketing strategy that reaps profit for the company. They have to be analyze demographics and regional / national sales figures for their products, and compare it with competitor's product for devising an accurate marketing strategy.

Required Qualifications and Skills

The basic qualification required to be eligible in the field of marketing is a bachelor's / associate degree marketing, communications, or business management. Also, one can be eligible for entering into the marketing field if one has a degree in related field like psychology, statistics, sociology, economics, or advertisement. A marketing executive needs to have complete detail about the products / services he is promoting, hence the individuals with a specialist degree like medicine, science, engineering, or computer are hired by industries specializing in those products / services. A postgraduate degree can provide better opportunity to the candidate, though it is not required in most cases.

The main responsibilities of a marketing executive depend on his skills of executing the marketing strategy effectively. Certain skills which are considered as the main requirement in the marketing field comprise:

Working Conditions

Most marketing executives work in 40 hours shifts in office atmosphere with fixed timings. They work five days a week and get weekly offs and holidays. With tight schedule and upcoming deadlines, they may require to work overtime for completing their work on schedule and achieving the company's targets.

Along with this, many marketing executives are expected to attend meetings and conduct conferences and seminars in various locations, for which they may have to travel extensively. Executives working with international companies are expected to travel in international destination for accomplishing organizational goals.

Marketing executives are hired by all major organizations for promoting their brand, protecting its brand image, and informing their customers about its latest produces and services. If you are interested in starting your career in this profile, looking at the roles and responsibilities of a marketing executive will give you an insight of this field and help you shape your career accordingly.

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