Mechanical Engineering Job Description

Mechanical engineers are involved in the design and manufacturing process of mechanical tools and machines that generally need some driving force to work. They apply various principles of material science and physics in the invention of these tools that ease human efforts. Apart from designing the equipments they also have to look into various attributes of production as well such as efficiency, manufacturing cost, usage, operations, etc. This stream of science has huge applications and hence job opportunities are also increasing rapidly in this field. If you are interested in the mechanical engineering job description, then read further.

A mechanical engineer may work under different titles such as automotive engineer, design engineer, pollution control engineer, manufacturing engineer, etc. His work profile and the application of knowledge differ depending upon his profile title. For example, if a mechanical engineer is working as a design engineer for automotive company then he may be involved in designing interiors, exteriors or spare parts used for manufacturing a car, automobile, etc. If a mechanical engineer is working as a pollution control engineer then he may be involved in designing new pollution control devices as well as upgrading the existing ones.

However, here we have tried to give you some of the generalized responsibilities that a mechanical engineer has to handle irrespective of his area of expertise.

Duties and Responsibilities of Mechanical Engineer

Skills Required by Mechanical Engineers

Educational Qualifications Required for Mechanical Engineers

Companies prefer individuals possessing a degree in B. Tech. or M. Tech. in Mechanical Engineering from some accredited university. Some companies also hire individuals possessing bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering or master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. There are various software certification courses that have their application in the designing and development of mechanical machines, pursuing these courses can be an advantage for your career. There are some educations programs that provide work experience along with a degree. Such type of programs will increase your significance in the job market and you can get better job opportunities as compared to others.

Salaries Offered to Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical engineers are paid about $74, 893 to $144,000 per annum and the salaries are expected to rise as the demand for skilled mechanical engineers is increasing rapidly. Some companies even offer more than this amount for candidates with exceptional skills and worth. This amount of compensation also differs depending upon the size of the organization and the location.

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