Medical Receptionist Job Description

Medical receptionist perform all kinds of secretarial and receptionist duties in a hospital and is a central point of contact in the hospital. She coordinates between the doctors, hospital administrations and the patients as well. A medical receptionist offers front-desk services to the hospital. Though she is not capable of providing any kind of health care to the patients, she has to have sound knowledge of the equipments and the treatment procedures used in the hospitals. This helps her in assisting the patients and providing necessary facilities to the doctors. They should have a pleasing personality and cooperative as they are responsible for greeting each and every patient coming to the hospital and the doctors working in the hospital. The medical receptionist job description given here will help you know the detailed profile of a medical receptionist.

A medical receptionist works in a hospital type of settings and does not perform any kind of outdoor work. In case the hospital is providing any kind of treatment services for the patients in their home, the medical receptionist calls them and collects information regarding the progress of the patient and any addition requirements. She entertains all kinds of queries through telephone or personally within the hospital only.

Primary Duties of Medical Receptionists:

Secondary Duties of Medical Receptionist:

Skills Required

Educational Qualifications Required

Even a high school diploma is sufficient to seek a position of medical receptionist. They must have in-depth knowledge of the medical procedures and the terminologies used in the hospital. They can acquire this through on-job training and experience. So, most of the employers hire medical receptionists who have prior experience of working as medical receptionists or at any position in hospital settings.

Compensation Offered for Medical Receptionists:

Medical receptionists are offered about $31, 000 per year. As the number of years of experience increases, your salary may also increase. If you are working in bigger hospitals and handling more responsibilities then you may be offered more than this.

Knowledge and experience as a medical receptionist will always count if you are looking for any alternative career in the medical field.

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