In Home Nurse Responsibilities

An nurse is the overall in charge of a patient in the absence of a doctor. He/she is responsible for taking care of the patient. Usually, a group of patients is assigned to the nurse each day, whom he/she needs to monitor and provide medical support. On the other hand, an in home nurse is assigned to a patient who is at home. These nurses are vocational medical assistants who are often assigned to take care of the patient residing at home, either because they do not need hospitalization or can't afford the long term expense of the hospital.

Generally, in home nurses are recommended by the primary physician of a terminally ill patient who is not residing in hospital. They are assigned to ensure that the patient should get all the required medical attention outside a hospital setting. They are the in home medical assistants who can help a patient with fatal diseases to spend few more days with dignity. In home nurse responsibilities involve changing dressings, attending meetings of patient care-plan, passing medications, checking the status of the wounds, monitoring vital signs, starting intravenous (IV) fluids and medications and administering enemas. They may also guide and counsel the patient as well as their family, provide hygiene care tips and conduct various motion exercises that are essential for the patient. They are the doctor's assistants who work on behalf of the doctor to help out the patient cope with various medical issues.

Job Responsibilities of an In Home Nurse

Home health nurses may have to perform certain additional health care duties other than their regular tasks. These health care responsibilities may include checking vital signs such as blood pressure, resting heart rate and pulse. They may have to provide other care such as therapeutic massage, wound care and monitoring the health care device or equipment. If the patient has to perform some level of exercise as a part of the physical therapy, home nurses work as their trainer and support them to perform the exercises as well as stretches to help them recover completely. Usually, these nurses may have to chart and report the findings to the health care professional or doctor who has assigned them. Some of their responsibilities include:

Required Qualification and Skills

To become a nurse, one needs to complete a bachelor's degree in nursing or a diploma in medicine. Individuals with an associate degree in nursing are also eligible to become a nurse.

The profession of an nurse is next to that of a doctor and hence they need to have enough knowledge of various medical equipment. They should be flexible and reliable to work at any location and they should have excellent health. They must be firm, kind with the staff, residents and their families even in stressful conditions. They should be capable to handle and guide others in case of an emergency.

In home nurse responsibilities are based on taking care of the patient's health and recovery. To become a proficient nurse, a tendency to help and work for the society, especially the needy, is essential.

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