Mental Health Counselor Job Description

People who are suffering from mental disorders are treated with medications as well as counseling is also provided to them. A mental health counselor is one who provides primary healthcare and assistance to the patients suffering from the metal disorders. They conduct mental health assessments for the patients and plan and develop treatment procedures that can help in recovery process. They often have opportunities to work with psychologists and psychiatrists. Mental health counselors not only work in health care units but they also have opportunities to work in the schools, colleges, community centers, etc. In such places they understand the health issues of people and help them in relieving stress and strain that they experience in their day-to-day life; they provide personal and group counseling sessions for them. To know more about a mental health counselor job description, read further.

Some of the common health issues that mental health counselors deal with are the self-esteem issues, addictions, suicidal impulses, educational decisions, family problems, career related issues, etc. They follow step-by-step treatment procedures. Initially understand the problem of the patient and analyze their mental condition. They then plan for strategies which they can use to treat the patient and recover them from their psychological condition. The duties and responsibilities of mental health counselors are given here for your help.

Duties and Responsibilities of Mental Health Counselors:

Skills Required by Mental Health Counselor:

Educational Qualifications Required by Mental Health Counselors:

People who are willing to make a career in this field can take up a high school diploma or graduates course in any field such as sociology, biology, psychology or a diploma in some medical studies. It is also necessary to purse a master's degree or post-graduate's degree in counseling, education, psychology, sociology, or social work. Pursuing such courses will give you opportunity to work as a trainee mental health counselor under the assistance of the psychiatrists or psychologists if you have no prior work experience. Once you get experience, you can work as an independent metal health counselor or even work in some hospitals.

Salaries Offered to Mental Health Counselor:

If a mental health counselor is self-employed then his annual earnings may depend upon his skills and the fees he charges from his patients. If he is working in a hospital then he may earn about $24,837 to $55,887 per annum.

If you are looking for a career or job opportunity in mental health counseling then the above mental health counselor job description will help you.

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