Neonatal Nurse Job Description

Neonatal nurses work for the newborns and prematurely born babies and provide them necessary medical care. They generally provide care and assistance for the babies less than 28 days old which are in their most vulnerable and delicate stage of life. A neonatal nurse should have love and affection towards the babies and should handle them with care. As the babies are in their early stage of life, even healthy babies along with weak and ill babies require care. They fulfill all the basic necessities of the babies as well as assist the mothers in baby care. Some babies require intensive care if they are suffering from some kind of severe disease and illness while others might be suffering from some kind of mild reactions. A neonatal nurse has an option to choose the kind of babies he/she wants to work for. To know more about the neonatal nurse job description, read further.

Neonatal nurses have opportunities to work under the supervision of gynecologists and pediatricians. Once the mother gives birth to a baby, the baby is handled to the neonatal nurse and she/he takes complete care of the baby and makes sure that the baby does not suffer from any kind of complication post-birth. She/he may work at one of the four different levels in which a neonatal nurse is generally classified. Here are the four levels of neonatal nurse:

Duties and Responsibilities of Neonatal Nurse:

Skills Required by Neonatal Nurse:

Educational Qualifications Required for Neonatal Nurse:

Neonatal nurses should be at least graduates in Nursing and should specialize in Neonatal Nursing. If you have a post graduate's degree in Nursing with specialization in Neonatal Nursing then you will definitely have better employment opportunities. Pursuing certifications courses and training is also essential to work as a licensed neonatal nurse. At least 1 year of experience working in an ICU as a neonatal nurse is essential requirement.

Salaries Offered to Neonatal Nurses:

Neonatal nurses are paid about $50,000 to $80,000 per year depending upon their experience and the level at which they are working.

This is one of the most challenging careers in nursing. For more help on neonatal nurse job description, you can contact us.

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