Nurse Assistant Job Description

The nurse assistant job description requires them to assist the nurses in all their daily work. Since nurses were getting burdened with excessive responsibilities, this position was created, so nurses would be able to get their help.

Nursing assistants work under the guidance of physicians or charge nurses. They perform most of the duties any nurse would the only difference is that they are not registered nurses. They get employment in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers, etc.

The nursing assistants do most of the heavy work regarding patient care. They move the patients around on wheel chairs if they are unable to move on their own. Patients may have to go from one department to another for certain tests; the nursing assistants will take them around in the wheel chair. They will also help them get in and out of the wheel chair.

The nursing assistants do the important task of feeding the patient if they are unable to eat food on their own. They have to be particular about the food timings as the patients have to take medicines after they eat food. They have to keep in mind if the patient has been asked to follow a special diet and feed them accordingly. This duty is an important addition in the nurse assistant job description.

The nursing assistants also have to give the patient sponge baths. Hygiene is important so the patient does not get any further infections. Therefore, the nursing assistants have to give them nice sponge baths so they are clean. Also, they have to change their bed sheets every day. All of this has to be done before the rounds of the doctors and the nurses.

If the patients are in an immobile state, they have to move them into different position after every two hours so they do not get bed sores. If they have any wounds on their body, the assistant have to dress those wounds so they heal quickly. They also have to fill the nursing charts with information on the patient's vital statistics. For some patients, the doctors give orders for their vital stats to be taken after every one hour. Therefore, the assistant have to check on them every hour.

These are the basic few tasks that the assistant have, to know more of them read the nurse assistant job description given below.

Duties in a nurse assistant job description

Many people use the nursing assistant position as training to become a nurse. Mostly students apply for this job and after gaining good experience, they enroll themselves into nursing schools and study further to become nurses. However, a few are happy with this profession and get a decent salary, the benefits are better than the salary as they work in hospitals; they are entitled to get free medical care in the hospital.

Education needed by nursing assistants

Career Advancement

Like mentioned above, most assistant nurses are in the profession to get firsthand experience. This experience comes in handy when they enroll themselves into nursing school. The ones who stick in this profession are entitled to get benefits and raises each year.

The nurse assistant job description may seem like doing all the heavy work of the patient, but this profession really reduces the workload of doctors and nurses. In fact, it is the nursing assistants who get to connect with the patients on a more personal level than the doctors and nurses.

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