Finance Officer Responsibilities

The finance officer responsibilities include working as a follow-up manager to the accountants, fiscal assistants and clerks. He works in one or more business offices with specialized personnel. He supervises and administers the fiscal records of a company and studies and produces illustrations for the accountants or departmental heads.

He directs the way the fiscal reports are organized, administers finance activities and puts forth the currency establishment plans into effect. The finance officer is also called the finance manager of the company who oversees the way banks, fiscal companies and credit unions work. He comes up with different plans and ensures that the permanent targets of the company are achieved.

The responsibilities of a finance officer vary from one firm to another, depending on the position he is in. But his key responsibilities are the same. They are:

Qualifications ans Skills Required

The candidate should have a bachelor's degree in commerce with majors in accounting or cost management or in a similar field. He must have a practical experience of 4 years in accounting or a similar field. Apart from all this, he should have good communication skills, an impulse to excel and be able to perform better than the others. Having a master's degree in commerce or business administration with majors in accounts or finance would be regarded perfectly suitable for this position. The candidate should also be able to work on multiple projects under stress and handle different financial responsibilities. He must have a sharp eye for details and must be able to perform with a team in a friendly atmosphere. Having good communication skills would be regarded as an asset.

Working Conditions

He works hard in an office for about 9 hours each day. He deals with fiscal numbers all the time and uses the calculator and the computer very often. Working for 5 days in a week is compulsory for him. Depending on the kind of job, he may even work overtime or 6 days a week.


The finance officer draws an average salary varying from USD 37,000 to USD 1, 35, 000 per annum. This may also fluctuate from one place to another depending on the kind of organization.

Thus, the finance officer responsibilities include working as a manager and administrator who takes charge of all the financial activities of a firm.

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