Oncologist Job Description

The number of people that die of cancer every year is constantly on the rise. Containing this deadly disease is the need of the hour. An important profession that will help in doing so is that of an oncologist. They are the people to help detect, and cure cancerous growths on the body so the treatment against it can be started immediately. Read the oncologist job description that is given.

Even in oncology, there are various fields; these fields are divided into the part on which the cancerous growth has formed. For instance, if the growth is on female reproductive, they are treated by a gynecological oncologist. The oncologists treat cancer according to development in it. If the cancer is found in the initial stages, they treat it with chemotherapy, and if it is beyond that, surgery remains the only other option.

The oncologists detect cancer through various methods; one of those methods is biopsy. In a biopsy, they take a small part of the growth directly from the place where it is growing, and they test whether it is cancerous or not. If it is cancerous, they begin treatment immediately and if it is not cancerous, they call the patient for another biopsy after six months because then that growth has to be carefully monitored.

Oncologists have to decide upon the best line of treatment for the patient. There are different oncologists for different treatments. Radiation oncologists treat the cancer with the radiation, while surgical oncologists remove the cancer by operating on it. It is especially complicated in the case of surgery as there are some cancers that spread if they are operated upon. For such cases chemotherapy or radiation is used.

Cancer has become quite prevalent and many people are afflicted by it. Hence, there is a requirement for oncologists. Oncologists make good money, but the education they need for it is quite expensive. To know in detail about this profession, read the oncologist job description given below in bulleted points.

Duties and responsibilities of an oncologist

Education required by oncologists

Career Advancement

If the oncologist is working in a hospital, they can move up in the management of the hospital. Many have their own private practices where they make good money.

The oncologist job description is to detect cancer as soon as possible and begin treatment before it gets worse.

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