Oncology Nurse Job Description

The oncology nurse job description will enlighten on how this profession is different from other nursing professions. The word oncology is associated with the treatment of cancer. Oncology nurses are nurses who specialize in caring for patients who are undergoing cancer treatment.

Cancer is one of the primary killer diseases in the world. Each year, millions of people fall prey to this deadly disease. However, through the advances in modern science, treatment for cancer has come ahead leaps and bounds. The only drawback to the treatment is that it takes time and the treatment itself causes the patient a lot of discomfort. They require the care of special oncology nurses while they are being treated.

Oncology nurses are well trained to look after the unique needs, cancer patients might have. They know all the symptoms they have and know the proper treatment that is to be given. The first duty, according to the oncology nurse job description, is providing mental support. Chemotherapy is one of the most popular types of treatment for cancer. It is quite physically draining, but is even more mentally draining. Patients suffer constant agony and become extremely weak. They need the support of their family and friends. The oncology nurses work with them and teach them how to help the patients.

The patients are treated by oncologists and they prepare a chart of the medicines they are supposed to take. The medicines have to be given in the right amount of dosage and at the right time. The oncology nurses administer the medicines to them. If radiation is part of the treatment, the nurses ready the patients for radiation and take them to the radiologists.

During the administering of chemotherapy, the patients are given medicines that fight against cancer. However, these medicines cause a lot discomfort. The patients get gastroenteritis and also find it hard to eat food. They throw up whatever they eat and lose a lot of weight this way. The nurses have to keep them under constant supervision. They have to monitor their health and make records on all the changes they notice, so that the doctors can keep track of their improvement.

Oncology nurses also provide care to patients recovering from cancer treatment. They have to educate them and their family of the required preventive measures to be taken. Cancer can return in the body hence, patients have to take more care of themselves. The oncology nurses prepare a whole diet and exercise chart for the patient according to the instruction of the doctor. The oncology nurse job description goes further beyond this, read more information that is given.

Duties and responsibilities of an oncology

Oncology nurses are in demand. Cancer is one of the fastest rising diseases in the world due to many circumstances. Therefore, oncology nurses are required to provide care for the many suffering and recovering patients. The education needed to become an oncology nurse is a specialized one along with the usual education required for a nurse.

Education needed in becoming an oncology nurse

Career Advancement

Oncology nurses get seniority in the post they work in. With further training, they can also become trainers and advanced oncology practitioners. The oncology nurse job description is to provide care, not just at a physical level, but also at a mental level.

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