Optician Job Description

Almost everyone has to look at the computer monitor either in office or at home, and many of them end up getting spectacles for their eyes. The rays from the computer screen and television affects the eyes. Those spectacles are provided by an optician. They make the spectacles according to the diagnosis done by the ophthalmologist. This is the foremost duty of an optician job description.

Opticians are the ones who make the spectacles and the lenses. They make the spectacles glasses according to the eyesight number that is determined by the ophthalmologists. Some people even have different number on each eye; in this case, the optician has to specially design the glasses giving each eye the right number.

A considerable number of people have spectacle lenses. Therefore, opticians are in high demand. However, opticians don't just provide spectacles, but they also provide contact lenses. Contact lenses are more delicate and opticians teach the buyers on how to insert them in the eyes, and keep them clean. Opticians also educate on what to do and what not to do once the lenses are in the eyes. It is an added responsibility in the optician job description.

Opticians mainly make spectacle lenses as people are still wary of using contact lenses. To make the spectacles, they have to take into account the choice of the costumer, the type of frame they want and their facial structure, etc. Only after considering this will the optician make the complete spectacles.

The optician will also have to provide a strong case in which the glasses can be stored, and a fluid to keep the glasses clean. Same is the case of contact lenses. The optician will make the lenses according to the number and teach the customer how to insert them in the eye safely. The lenses also have to be stored in a good case and have to be cleaned with a specific solution daily. For more detailed knowledge on opticians, read the optician job description given below in bulleted format.

Duties and responsibilities of an optician

Education required by opticians

Career Advancement

Opticians have their own businesses and make good money making spectacles and lenses. Many opticians also become trainers for new opticians and teach them how to make lenses.

The optician job description is a lot more than just making and selling spectacles and lenses. They also have to a educate customers on the proper care of the lenses and their eyes.

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