Paralegal Job Description

The only difference between a paralegal and a lawyer is the law degree. The paralegal is the assistant to a lawyer, they may not have the law degree, but they have knowledge of the law and give their full support to the lawyer. To know more about this job, read the paralegal job description.

Many use this job as a stepping stone to become a lawyer. Students take up this job to support their education and train in becoming lawyer in reputed firms. The job pays really well as a paralegal has many tasks to perform.

They are the ones who considerably reduce the workload of the lawyer, especially regarding the paperwork. Legal jobs require a lot of paperwork and hence, the paralegal should be great with them. They should know all the documentation required for a case and explain it to the client. The paralegal has to do all the paperwork on behalf of the lawyer. Hence, one can say that they need to have all the knowledge required to become a lawyer. However, the only thing missing is the stress of fighting a case, so it is a good situation to be in.

The paralegal cannot give legal advice, but can bring in clients to the firm for advice. The paralegal can be called the right hand person of a lawyer. They reduce their work a lot by doing most of the heavy work like readying all the paperwork, fixing appointments and the court dates. The paralegal also has to be present in the court while the lawyer argues the case.

The paralegal also coordinates with the client and offer them support during the case. In short, the paralegal as good as the lawyer when comes to the work. Hence, budding law students flock towards this job title to gain some firsthand experience in learning the law. A paralegal has many more duties, to learn them in detail, read the paralegal job description, we have given for you.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Paralegal

Education Required for the post of a Paralegal

Career Advancement

The paralegals handle complete departments in reputed firms. Many go on to study further to become lawyers.

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