Paramedic Job Description

The job of paramedic is extremely important in saving lives. They are the ones who arrive first at the site of distress and it is up to them to help the patient. The numbers of accidents are increasing each year, and many lives are lost on the way to the hospital. Hence, it is important that accidents victims or people, who fall ill suddenly, receive immediate help from paramedics till they are admitted to a hospital. Read this job description to know more about this profession.

Paramedics are stationed inside ambulances. Whenever there is an emergency call, they go along with the ambulance. Even the ambulance drivers are paramedics. They reach the spot of distress, and give some basic treatment to the patient. If the patient is bleeding, they will try to control the bleeding, clean and stitch the wound. If the patient has suffered from a heart attack, the paramedic will immediately take them to the hospital, while the other paramedics will try and revive them.

They are trained to give emergency care to people in distress, until they are taken to a hospital. This is extremely helpful in saving lives. There have been cases where paramedics had to deliver children themselves, and have successfully done so. The biggest reason why they are able to reach the patients is the ambulance. They are trained really well on how to drive real fast and they also know the fastest routes. Other drivers also move out of the way of an ambulance and give them way.

Paramedics work in shifts and have to be alert at all times. The call for emergency can come at any time. They have to be especially aware in case there is any big incident and many people are injured. The incident could be a natural calamity like an earthquake or a big accident. The paramedics are the most important people during such times. However, there is a lot more to this profession and to know that read this job description.

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Duties and Responsibilities Paramedic

Many of the paramedics are actually students wanting to study further to become doctors. They use this profession to support their education. The salary of a paramedic is good and they also get to work in the medical profession. The education required is also not that expensive.

Education required

Career Advancement

Many of the paramedics use this as way to support themselves for medical schools. The ones, who continue with this profession, get promoted to the post of paramedic captain.

The paramedic's job is to take care of a person in need till the time they receive medical care from doctors and nurses. They are responsible for saving many lives.

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