Payroll Clerk Job Description

Calculating payroll is no mean task, the people in charge of payroll require the help of payroll clerks; therefore, read through the payroll clerk job description if you like to work with numbers. The payroll clerks collect data important to calculate salaries of all the employees.

Payroll clerks are some of the busiest people in an organization. They have to record data for salaries on a daily basis and there are many other calculations that they have to take into account. Their work is simplified by computers in which they can have programs where they just record data and the rest is done by the computer. Being efficient in using a computer is an important part of the payroll clerk job description.

Today, most companies have a biometric system which marks the employees' attendance. The payroll clerks have access to this data and have to use it while calculating salaries. They also have to refer to the company's policy to be certain about any deductions that have to be made. Some companies have a policy of deducting salaries of late comers, and there are also policies about taxes and other things. The clerks have to make adjustments for all of it.

Once the calculation for the salaries is done, with all the deductions and additions, they have to forward the tabulated chart to their departmental head. This is further sent to the accounts departments for record keeping and the salaries of all the employees are paid out. They have to follow deadlines as delay in their work means there is a delay in salaries. They also have to double check all the figures as they cannot afford to have mistakes in the salary amounts.

Once the salaries are given out and the slips are issued, the clerks have to be available to answer any queries any employee has about their salaries. They should have all the figures present with them and should be able to clear their doubts. The payroll clerks have to be polite to the employees that come to them. If any mistake is found, they have to immediately inform their manager and ensure that the employee gets their amount as soon as possible.

Payroll clerks also issue the paychecks or they oversee the online transfer of salary into the account of each employee. However, before they issue the salaries, they have to get the approval of all the proper authorities. To know about the education needed for this responsible position, read the payroll clerk job description further.

Duties Faced by a Payroll Clerk

Payroll clerks get a good salary as this position carries a lot of responsibilities. They also have opportunities to move forward in their departments. Love for numbers is one requirement without which one cannot enter this profession.

Academic Qualification Needed for a Payroll Clerk

Career Advancing Prospects

The payroll clerks can move up to the position of departmental head or the payroll manager. They can educate themselves further in business administration, and they can even be a part of the top brass of management.

The payroll clerk job description is to calculate the salaries of all the employees on the payroll. Their position is very important in an organization as they ensure that all the salaries are paid correctly and on time. This increases the productivity of the company.

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