Pharmacologist Job Description

Pharmacologists are the ones who invent or discover medicines that will help cure diseases and illnesses. They try different combinations of medicines to come up with stronger and better performing medicines. This profession is becoming popular by the day, as the overall health of human beings is deteriorating, and the need for better medicines is increasing. Therefore, read the pharmacologist job description to know more about this profession.

Making new medicines has become very important as stronger strains of viruses and germs have emerged that are resistant to simple antibiotics. These viruses and germs have become resistant because over the years, they too have developed immunity towards medicines. Also, when patients take medicines irregularly or do not complete the full course of medicines, the disease present in the body develops immunity towards those medicines. This commonly happens in the case of tuberculosis. Therefore, modified versions of medicines are needed.

The pharmacologists have to develop medicines in their laboratories. They first have to test the medicines on animals like mice, guinea pigs, etc. This ensures that no deadly medicine gets introduced in for human trials. Though, it may seem inhuman towards animals, but testing these medicines is an important part of the pharmacologist job description.

After the pharmacologists have successfully tested the medicine, the next step is human trials. They test these medicines on human subjects who have volunteered for them. These volunteers are informed of the risks involved and are paid a good sum of money for the trials. After administering them with the medicines, they are kept under observation and the effects of the medicines are noted. Also, if the medicines have any other side effects, they too are noted down. If the medicines work, they are sent to Food and Drug Authority for approval, and then the medicines are introduced in the market for retail sale. This is just an overview of pharmacologist's duties, for more of them; read the detailed pharmacologist job description given.

Duties and responsibilities of a pharmacologist

The education required by pharmacologists is high and expensive, but they are given good salaries and benefits. This industry is also one of the few industries that is recession proof. Hence, read the education requirements given below.

Education required in becoming pharmacologists

Career Advancement

The pharmacologist move up to lead teams of researchers or specialize in a particular type of research. They also move in to the management of the company they work in, if they are good at management.

The pharmacologist job description is to make new medicines. Their profession is extremely vital for the survival of human beings as they make medicines to fight life threatening diseases.

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