Physiatrist Job Description

This profession is not often heard of, but they are above a physical therapist in qualifications. A physiatrist instructs a physical therapist on what kind of treatment should be given to a patient. Physiatrists treat patients who are suffering from physical ailments or are recovering from a surgical procedure. For more information on this less heard of profession, read the physiatrist job description.

Physiatrists are experts in dealing with injuries. They treat the patients through various methods like exercise, magnet therapy, diathermy, etc. Then they ask physical therapists to use these treatments on the patients. They carefully watch the development of the patient and continue with the procedure or make changes accordingly.

Treatments differ from patient to patient and it also depends on the age of the patients. Their help is also sought out by patients who are recovering from surgery. Though, physiatrists rarely prescribe any medication, they may recommend newer forms of treatment. There have been cases of treatments like cyrotheraphy being useful in bringing motility in paralyzed limbs. It is the physiatrist and the family of the patient that make a call on such treatments.

The physiatrists have to follow up on all the patients. They have to look at the improvement made by the patients. They also have to counsel the family of the patient, and teach them how they can help the patient. They also treat physical injuries. Their first instinct is to treat injuries with exercise and physical therapy. Only if the problem is major, they will refer the patient to a good surgeon for an operation.

Physiatrists also have to work with other specialists if the patient suffers from other problems as well. One more requirement is that they should know how to use all the tools. They have many complicated tools that are used by them to treat the patients. They should know and posses all the latest equipments to treat the patients. This is still a small part of their duties, for more on it, read the physiatrist job description.

Duties and responsibilities of a physiatrist

The education for a physiatrist is quite complicated and expensive, but the money they make is good. They have their private practices or find employment in hospitals. They receive a good salary and great benefits.

Education required in becoming a physiatrist

Career Advancement

The physiatrists move up in the management of the hospital they work in. Many of them have their own private successful practices. Some get to work in sports teams and are paid handsomely for it.

The physiatrist job description is to ensure that the patient completely recovers from their physical injury. They have to treat the root cause of the injury and ensure that is does not flare up in the future.

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