Abstractor Responsibilities

Abstractor responsibilities involves the documentation of all the pertinent details from the available sources to satisfy the clients' requirements. The role and responsibilities of an abstractor vary depending on the kind of environment they are working in. It may be related to information technology, legal or medical field. Abstractors have a great demand in all these fields and a have a better career scope.

Key Responsibilities of an Abstractor in Medical Field

To be a successful medical abstractor you need to have in-depth knowledge of the medical field especially the terminologies associated with it. A degree in pharmacy, nursing, medical billing and coding is preferred. Here are some of the key responsibilities that are handled by a medical abstractor:

  1. To filter out the duplicate records so that the most relevant patient information like the medical history is available to be documented in summaries and is made available for the outside sources like insurance companies
  2. He should assess, code and abstract records of all patients who have been discharged
  3. He should apply codes to the procedures that the patient underwent
  4. He should resolve the coding issues
  5. To cross check the details that the patient has gone through and compare them with the rendered services

Key Responsibilities of a Real Estate Abstractor

Like the medical field a real estate abstractor should be thoroughly interested in law. He should be interested in conducting research and should have an eye for detail. Let us have a look at some of the main responsibilities that are handled by a real estate abstractor:

  1. To examine and review the legal records and documentation like deeds, lease, mortgage
  2. To keep an update on the legal statutes and monitor it whether it has had an impact on the change in the title
  3. To summarize all the information related to the title
  4. To manage and maintain the abstract data in relevant database
  5. To examine the mortgages, contracts, maps, agreements to verify the ownership, description and its conformity to the requirements
  6. To design the plan of action to clear title and obtain copies of relevant maps and plans

Additionally he also coordinates with subordinates to ensure smooth flow of work. He assists them in solving discrepancies related to complex matters. He keeps in touch with the property owners to acquire additional information whenever necessary.

Educational Qualifications Required for an Abstractor

A medical abstractor should have a medical background whereas as a real estate abstractor should have bachelor's degree in law, business administration, finance, real estate, etc. Experience in a similar position would definitely be an added advantage.

Desirable Skills for an Abstractor

To be successful as an abstractor you need to have at least some of the following skills:

Work Hours for an Abstractor

An abstractor needs to work in normal office environment with work hours extending to forty to forty five per week. He may need to work extra depending on the priority of the work that needs to be done.

Salary for an Abstractor

The salary for an abstractor falls in the range of $31,000 to $35,000. It also depends on the kind of experience an individual has and the kind of industry he is employed in.

Career Advancement for an Abstractor

An abstractor may progress to a senior position after gaining sufficient experience in the field of his choice. He may need to handle more complex assignments and may get better salary package if he gets additional training or education.

Thus before you think of taking up a career as an abstractor, make sure you are well-aware of the abstractor responsibilities, skills and the academic qualifications required to make a successful entry.

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