Acquisitions Librarian Responsibilities

Library has changed with the advent of information technology. Breaking away from its typical image it is now a place where you can not only find books but also various kinds of media like the Internet, virtual libraries and CD-Roms. One of the prime departments of any library is the acquisition department. A professional handling these functions is an acquisitions librarian. The basic acquisitions librarian responsibilities are selecting, ordering, receiving, claiming, monitoring and coordinating all the collection related activities by making the necessary payments. He is also responsible for negotiating the contracting terms and making shelf arrangements.

Key Responsibilities of Acquisitions Librarian

If you enjoy reading, learning, love to be in the company of books, love to have a collection of books, then this is the right career option for you. You must adapt with the changing trends, try to gain knowledge and apply it for achieving the goals and objectives. Before you take up this career here is a list of the key responsibilities that are handled by an acquisitions librarian:

  1. To manager and supervise the day-to-day activities of the acquisition department which include ordering, receiving and maintaining the list of the available resources
  2. To develop, formulate rules and regulations, adhering to high quality standards that will ensure smooth flow of acquisitions department
  3. To implement strategies for ensuring professional development
  4. To manage the expenditures and plan budgets based on the financial reports generated by the department
  5. To interview, recruit and hire acquisition staff members and train them
  6. To organize, manage and delegate the work load ensuring that the goals and objectives of the organization are achieved

He classifies the resources based on various sections to facilitate easier identification of books. He places the orders as per the priority needs of the users. He maintains good professional relationships with various publication vendors along with the departmental staff and students. He also negotiates with the vendors to initiate good pricing agreements. He ensures that there are no duplicate records related to order placing, receiving; makes arrangement for the payment of bills, keeps himself updated with the latest publications and its announcement, or any discount schemes. He coordinates with the seniors for proper allocation of funds to meet the requirements.

Essential Skills

Following are some of the essential skills to become a complete professional acquisitions librarian:

  1. Excellent, up to date knowledge of procedures of cataloging, legal publishing and an exposure to various e-resources
  2. Strong desire to foster and develop a diverse environment dealing with a wide variety of people, passion for books, love for reading
  3. Excellent interpersonal skills and should be strong communicator
  4. Good analyzing, negotiating and researching ability
  5. Should be proficient in computers to compile and maintain the relevant data
  6. Should be able to demonstrate exceptional time management and organization skills

Educational Requirements

A master's degree in information science or library is usually the desired qualification when you are applying for this post. A bachelor�s degree with an additional certification relevant to the post along with an exposure in a similar profile would also prove to be beneficial.

Salary and Work Hours

The salary normally commensurates with the relevant educational background and the work experience in that particular field. It generally varies depending on the type, size and location of the organization. It generally falls in the range of $35,000 to $55,000.

The daily routine schedule comprises working forty to forty five hours per week. They may extend in case there is a need.

Career Prospects

The career prospects are really good and bright; especially with the technological advancements the role of a librarian is getting more crucial. The advancement opportunities are more for those having the professional expertise combined with relevant academic background.

Now you are definitely more aware about the acquisitions librarian responsibilities. If you have the requisite skill set supported by an excellent academic performance you can definitely choose this career option. Experience in effective handling of these responsibilities will only help you to prosper in this career.

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