Editor In Chief Job Description

The editor in chief is a person who oversees the editorial process for the publication or the news gathering organizations. It is one of the most stressful and responsible jobs and requires high level of intellect, experience, and dedication. The editor in chief responsibilities consist of various duties such as editing the articles before they are actually printed and published, guiding the staff, supervising the employees, etc. The position of editor in chief has various pros and cons which must be considered before one actually plans his or her career in this field. The below given pros and cons of being an editor in chief will help you decide and plan your career path.

Pros of being an Editor in Chief

Cons of being an Editor in Chief

The editor in chief generally handles the editing responsibilities along with checking of quality control. They also see to it that the written content is relevant to the given topic and is free of any grammatical and spelling mistakes. The editor in chief also verifies that the images included in the article are relevant and is the only authenticated person to make any changes to the original content to enhance its quality.

They are also responsible for building relations with the authors and communicate with them to understand various topics, thus gaining and spreading knowledge. They are also responsible to ensure that the company policies are followed properly. The editor in chief often acts as an advisor to the authors, advising and guiding them on various topics they write on. The editors in chief are required in all forms of media such as television, news, internet, etc. Thus, they must be highly creative and possess expert level skills sets.

A candidate planning a career as an editor in chief must be aware of different criteria such as the educational qualification, skills, and job responsibilities essential for this job. As this job is a highly responsible one, employers often prefer long procedures to recruit the right candidate. The below given information about the educational qualification, key skills, and the editor in chief responsibilities will help you understand all the essential requirements for this job position.

Educational Qualification of an Editor in Chief

The editor in chief must be a well educated person with high level of intellectual capabilities. The careers in print media often require a basic qualification of bachelor's degree in journalism, communcation, or English language. However, for the post of editor in chief, the candidate must at least possess a master's degree in media communication, journalism, or English language. Along with the master's degree, the candidate is also expected to hold certificates of majors in editing. Apart from educational qualifications, the candidate must possess relevant professional experience.

Key Skills of an Editor in Chief

The most basic skill of an editor in chief is proficiency over English language. Along with this, he or she is also expected to possess the following important skills sets:

Job Responsibilities of an Editor in Chief

Editing and approving the articles before actually publishing them is the major job responsibility of an editor in chief. Along with this, he or she is also responsible for undertaking the following job duties:

Salary of an Editor in Chief

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of an editor in chief is about $133,000. The salary of an editor in chief generally ranges in between $31,000 to $152,000 and is calculated considering various aspects such as the educational qualification, skills, and work experience of the candidate. The salary may also depend upon the employer and industry he or she is recruited in.

The responsibilities mentioned above include all the duties undertaken by an editor in chief. The additional information including the educational qualification, skills, and salary will further guide you in planning your career in this field.

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