Account Sales Representative Responsibilities

Account sales representative responsibilities cover many things in an organization. It begins with basic things like representing the company, manufacturer, shop to the clients, customers, consumers, stock or share holders, etc. Handling basic inquiries from various sources via different mediums is one of the essential account sales representative responsibilities.

An account sales representative finds employment in any sector but they are more commonly seen in the pharmaceutical industry. They make the retail shopkeepers, druggists and chemists aware of the new products coming in the market. Their main task, in short, is to tell and show the clients their products. This job profile requires a lot of traveling and maintaining amicable relations with the new and regular customers.

Making presentations to the teams in the organization, making various proposals in different ways highlighting different objectives to train as well as while finalizing or negotiating contracts are a part of account sales representative duties. The following will give you detailed information on the same.

Key Responsibilities of Account Sales Representative

Trust Building

Customer Based Services

Eye the Performance

Detect Profitable Avenues


Quality Check and Training

Soft Skills for Account Sales Representative

An account sales representative should be polite in talking but aggressive in motives. Pressure of performing against deadlines and meeting targets are perpetually high, hence one should be able to handle the same.

Strong presentation skills are an absolute must for being successful in this career. Communications play the major role in achieving success as an account sales representative.

Thus these were some of the account sales representative responsibilities which one has to perform staying within the frame of company policies.

Account Sales Representative Earnings

The earning capacity of an account sales representative, according to government statistics is based on the incentives and percentage of commission. Better the clientele better are the chances of earning. The background of clientele is based on the industry and placement of the clients in the market.

The median salary of an accounts sales professional in the non technical field is around $51,300. Whereas in the technical field, i.e., science field these professionals earn up to $70,000 until few years back.

Thus, evaluate the suitability of your personality to handle the account sales representative responsibilities with this information well. Please note that the job profile changes minutely depending on the industry.

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