Account Services Representative Responsibilities

In the corporate world, there is no common hierarchy that is followed everywhere. The designations vary according to the wishes of the management. In some cases it does depend on the industry and the work but a lot of confusion is created because of several similar job profiles. Like in this case, we are looking into account service representative responsibilities, which can easily be confused with the customer service representative's work.

Considering this example, the basic difference between the two profiles is that the former may work in the financial sectors like sales, banking or for representing the employer or manufacturer, etc. for resolving issues and answering queries of individual client accounts. They are required to complete various forms, like inquiry forms, contract forms, address change forms, change in other records forms, etc.

Account services representatives are the working professionals who have the highest number of employment opportunities in the U.S.A. Have a look at their job profiles given below.

Responsibilities of Account Services Representative

An account services representative job profile is to interact with customers, provide product and service related information; resolving problems related to the same, update their account information, etc.

They are the ones responsible for resolving issues by either helping them themselves with the required information or direct them to the concerned department. Then they are responsible for ensuring the issue is resolved from that department's end.

Assist Management

Handling Customers

To perform one's duties well, they have to be updated and familiar with the types of accounts handled by the organization. So, this should be primary onus of the person to know before taking on full fledged job responsibilities.

Account Handling

An account services representative tries to convert the callers or enquirers into potential customers by giving them appropriate and tactful product information and answering service questions.

Account Services Representative Skills

The official labor statistics show that account services representatives had a sizeable percentage of jobs in the recent years, with the figure around two million. The average per annum earnings of an account services representative ranges from $30,000 to $48,300. Hope you find this information on account services representative responsibilities helpful.

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