Associate Merchandiser Responsibilities

In almost every retail store, a specific range of products is stocked and sold. The assortment of stock and its display is designed in such a way that the customers are able to select products of their choice easily. They must also get the latest products as soon as they are launched in the market. The associate merchandiser responsibilities help in this regard.

An associate merchandiser works in close coordination with the chief merchandiser or the merchandising officer, store manager or any other staff concerned with the store display and management. The primary task of an associate merchandiser is to channelize the flow of merchandise in the store and research for the latest trends in the market to update the chief merchandiser about the customer preferences regarding the products sold in the store.

An associate merchandiser is expected to provide sales records to the chief merchandiser so that it becomes easy to place orders to the vendors. He also checks the stock for any damages and arranges for replacement. He communicates with new vendors and presents the quotations to the chief merchandiser for further purchasing. During a festive season, the associate merchandiser has to suggest and arrange additional products and accessories to fulfill customer demands.

Go through the details of associate merchandiser responsibilities and you will be able to learn about the characteristics of this profession.

Key Responsibilities of Associate Merchandiser

1. Market Research

Without proper market research, the function of merchandising is rendered meaningless. An associate merchandiser goes through the latest trends in the market and finds out the customer preferences. He then selects the products and accessories for the store.

2. Purchasing Merchandise

The associate merchandiser purchases the merchandise either from a single supplier or from various suppliers depending on the stores business. He places the orders for bulk purchases depending on the customer requirements.

3. Receiving and Arranging Merchandise

The associate merchandiser receives the merchandise and checks if all the merchandise is in good condition. He sends back the damaged goods to the vendor and keeps detailed records for the stock received, stored and returned.

4. Recording Sales Figures

An associate merchandiser records the sales figures of the store and presents weekly and monthly reports to the chief merchandiser. This helps in placing orders for the merchandise and maintaining adequate stocks to fulfill consumer requirements.

5. Supporting Promotional Activities

They support the marketing team and other staff during promotional activities. He helps in selecting brochures, signage and other promotional materials.

Besides what has been stated above in the associate merchandiser responsibilities, there can be many other tasks that are assigned to the associate merchandiser in a store.

Skills of an Associate Merchandiser

Becoming an Associate Merchandiser

Completing your education with a bachelor's or master's degree in a business related course such as marketing, retail management, international business, etc., combined with experience of working in a retail environment will keep you ahead of other candidates in the competition for this job. However, individuals who may have worked in other sectors may also be considered for this position provided that they have fair knowledge of purchasing and research.

Career Scope

An associate merchandiser earns anywhere between $40,000-$75,000 depending on his competency and knowledge.

Associate merchandiser responsibilities are described so that it becomes easy for you to prepare for this job.

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