Export Sales Manager Responsibilities

The role of an export sales manager is important for any organization to increase its profitability by broadening its horizons and reaching the customers from different countries. While doing so, they ensure that they retain the existing customers. Thus, the export sales manager responsibilities are of great significance when any business organization needs to expand its business, thereby increasing the profit margins.

Key Responsibilities of an Export Sales Manager

An export sales manager is responsible for generating and enhancing the sales of the products in other countries. They make sure that the products are made available in the international markets by analyzing the trends of the customers and developing sales plans and strategies to meet their needs. Let us study in detail the key responsibilities that need to be handled by an export sales manager:

  1. The basic and the most important step is to identify new business opportunities by tapping the potential customers from different countries
  2. To plan, design, develop and implement different sales activities by researching the customer's needs and requirements
  3. To make sure that the existing clients are retained and maintained while developing the new customers
  4. To ensure that the all the sales and marketing activities are carried out within the agreed budgets, volume, sales, and within the given time scales
  5. To take initiative and efforts to develop constructive and effective solutions to any issues that slow down or hamper the export procedures and activities
  6. To constantly review distributor's performance and monitor their work, so that relevant information can be provided to the management

In addition to these responsibilities, they attend the meetings with other companies to negotiate, so that they assist in the overall growth and development of the business organization. They carry out market research, conduct surveys and study the competitors and their marketing and sales strategies. Based on this, they make new plans that will help the organization to race ahead in the competition by prioritizing the target countries. They actively participate in the training sessions to improvize their knowledge and skills. They attend the trade shows and exhibitions. They may even make suggestions to improve the product based on the feedback received from the customers. They train and mentor the sales representatives and create awareness about the products in the target countries by conducting advertising and marketing campaigns.

Essential Skills

If you are aspiring to become an export sales manager, it is essential that you should have passion and flexibility to travel long distances. Being in the sales profession, demands that you have strong interpersonal communication skills to develop healthy, professional relationships with the clients and vendors demonstrated by exceptional leadership quality. Excellent negotiation skills are a pre-requisite in determining the prices and discounts for different products. Should be able to work in a target oriented work environment and should be able to prioritize work based on the given deadlines. Excellent time management and organization skills with the ability to do fast mathematical computations will be an advantage. Should be proficient in computers to maintain and update various kinds of reports.

Educational Background

An educational background in marketing, sales, business administration and management would prove to be beneficial. If it backed by relevant work experience, getting the job would be easier. Proficiency in the foreign language other than English would definitely prove to be an added advantage while interacting with the client and vendors from different countries.

Work Hours

An export sales manager normally works for forty to forty five hours per week. He may need to extend his work schedule if he needs to attend some trade shows, exhibitions or meetings. He may be required to travel on several occasions to explore new opportunities.

Salary Details

The average salary for the export sales manager falls in the range of $93,000 to $97,000. The minimum salary offered is $48,000 while the maximum is $142,000.

Career Prospects

The growth opportunities for those in the sales field are really bright and more so for the export sales managers, as there is always going to be a high demand for them, as most of the countries are developing economically and there is an ever increasing demand for foreign products.

Thus, effective execution of export sales manager responsibilities ensures that there is not only an increase in the sales of products within the country, but also it captures the overseas market to increase the profits for the organization.

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