Foodservice Sales Representative Responsibilities

The foodservice sales representative responsibilities include carefully observing all the sales matters related to the customers and helping them to maintain fresh service audits. He makes sure that outstanding client care services are provided to the customers. He also works with the merchandising and instrument operative systems and makes sure that the products are organized in order to direct the transfer of the instruments. He also develops and puts into effect the cost list for all the food items and makes different food sales related plans and documents the information according to them. He functions by ensuring that the food served consists of dishes, desserts and salads. He searches for and gets new food service audits using custom-made gross revenues in introductions. His responsibilities differ from one organization to another and also depend on the location of his job.

His key responsibilities are as under:

Qualifications and Skills Required

The candidate who wants to execute the roles, duties and job responsibilities of a food service sales representative must have a university graduate degree in business or a related field. A master's degree would certainly be very beneficial and would give him much more growth opportunities. He should have worked previously in a restaurant or in the same field. He should possess a travel license and having good communication skills would be a bonus for the organization. Other than all these, he should be able to work individually.

Working Conditions

He executes his roles, duties and job responsibilities in restaurants or other such places. His is a negotiable but busy and fast paced work environment. He carries massive loads of plates and utensils and deals with customers most of the time.


The foodservice sales representative earns about USD 45, 925 per annum on an average. But this may depend on the skills of the candidate. The more skilled he is, the more roles, duties and job responsibilities he executes and the more he earns.

Thus, the foodservice sales representative responsibilities include coming up with new cost plans of all the food items and ensuring that they are put into effect.

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