Inside Sales Consultant Job Description

The inside sales consultant responsibilities include executing the roles and duties of an inside sales or a marketing advisor in the company. He/she contacts the potential business customers and advises them on the sales. He/she also instructs them on taking the right measures that help them achieve their requirements. The inside sales consultant also shuts the sales of the concerned company.

He even handles the outgoing and incoming client accounts and develops apresentation on their functions. He/she works as a communicator between the clients and the company and settles the unsolved matters of the clients. He/she acts as a sales advisor to the clients and assists the company with recognizing various sales business possibilities with future clients. The inside sales consulant has the following key duties and responsibilities:

Inside Sales Consultant Responsibilities

Educational Qualifications and Skills Required

The inside sales consultant needs to be a bachelor of business administration, wherein he/she could major in the subjects of sales and marketing. He/she should also have perfect learning, comprehending, managing, time administrating, communicating and selling skills.

Working Conditions

An inside sales consultant works in a fast and dynamic environment. He/she works for around eight hours every day and has two offs in a single week.


The inside sales consultant receives a median salary of around USD 16, 000 per annum on an average.

Thus, the inside sales consultant responsibilities include working as an inside sales advisor for clients and identifying suitable business opportunities for them to fulfill their requirements.

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