International Sales Engineer Responsibilities

The international sales engineer responsibilities include studying and examining new international sales opportunities and helping their promotion in the foreign markets.

He/she recognizes the actual customers and formulates global strategies and ideas to maintain good relations with the existing and future customers. He/she upholds and fixes the sales aims and objectives of the indoor salesmen.

He/she aids and supports the sales section of the international company and attends business exhibitions and trade fairs and handles the interactions with the clients by going to their homes and providing them with various goods and services.

The international sales engineer also provides the sales advisors with specialized data and knowledge of goods and organizes work activities for them.

He/she makes the sales advisors and contractors familiar with data of the new goods and their particularities. He/she interacts with the global sales organizations all across the world with respect to the setting up the new goods, services and their particularities.

An international sales engineer executes the following key responsibilities:

Educational Qualifications and Skills Required

The international sales engineer should have a bachelor's degree in electronics and telecommunication engineering. He/she could also get an engineering degree where he/she would need to major in instrumentations or chemicals.

Otherwise, he/she could also attain a bachelor's degree in engineering with majors in a related or a similar field. Other than these, he/she would also require a working experience of a minimum of five years that would teach him/her the basic selling and technical skills.

After joining the organization, he/she would need to make himself/herself aware of its products and services. The international sales engineer needs to have some basic skills to hold this position. He/she needs to love travelling and have good communication skills.

He/she should be aware of the basic courtesies shown to international clients and should have good presentation and displaying skills. Knowing more than two languages would be very helpful for him/her. The best learning skill in him/her would be ascertained by checking whether he/she can speak in the language of the location of the international market where he/she will be selling his/her products and services.

Also, he/she should be smart, optimistic and very helpful. These qualities would help him/her to understand the basic requirements of the clients and give him/her a reason to excel and bring profits for the organization he/she works with.

Working Conditions

The international sales engineer works in an ambience that is filled with clients, products and services. He/she remains quite busy in displaying the products and services and explaining about them to the clients. He/she, most of the times, deals only with the international clients and has erratic working shifts. His/her work timings differ from one organization to another and from one location to another.

He/she may have to wake up early in the mornings, rush to the airport and come back very late at nights. The international sales engineer has to travel very often and goes to his/her neighboring abroad nations with the products and services, wherein he/she meets his/her clients and interacts with them to make them familiar with all the products and their specifications. He/her has no fixed offs in a single week and may even work overtime on the weekends to meet his/her sales aims and objectives.


The international sales engineer makes somewhere near an amount of USD 60, 000 per annum on a median basis.

Thus, the international sales engineer responsibilities and tasks include displaying the technical products and services to the international clients and making them suitable so that they can meet their demands.

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