International Sales Manager Responsibilities

The international sales manager responsibilities and tasks include doing the duties of an international sales supervisor or an international sales administrator. He/she is held accountable for maintaining the sales of the company's commodities and services outside the nation. He/she creates selling ideas and methodical procedures and uses them to attract the clients outside the country and persuades them to buy the commodities and services. He/she fixes sales aims, objectives and targets and tries to meet them.

The international sales manager also makes product deliveries with an intention to extend and uphold the sales accounts. He/she recruits, gets hold of and instructs the subordinates working under him/her. His/her job duties and undertakings require him/her to travel outside the country. He/she does all this with the expectation of finding new business and sales opportunities and with the intention of seeing his/her clients in person. He/she executes the following key responsibilities:

Educational Qualifications and Skills Required

The international sales manager should have a bachelor's degree in business management or business administration. He/she needs to have about five years of working expertise as well. Apart from these, he/she needs to be a smart talker and should have the ability to impress and attract global clients. Having an MBA would be very apt for this position and would be preferred over the bachelor's degree. An MBA would always stand out clearly for him/her and could shortlist him for much better, respectable and lucrative jobs.

He/she also needs to have very good technical and specialized skills alongside being very familiar with the commodities and services of the organization. He/she must remain updated about the latest technological developments in the field of the marketing commodities and services. Also, knowing other languages, specially of the target market locations would be considered an asset to the establishment that recruits him/her.

Working Conditions

He/she is required to go abroad very frequently, meet the international clients and work there. He/she remains very busy in interacting with them and displays the products and services to them. He/she has irregular working hours that depend from one job to another.


The international sales manager earns a little more than about USD 62, 000 per year on a median basis.

Thus, the international sales manager responsibilities include identifying suitable business sales opportunities for the organization he/she works with and convincing the international clients to buy the products and services of the same.

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