Internet Marketing Manager Responsibilities

The internet marketing manager is a key person responsible for ensuring the success of a particular brand, product, etc., that may be either new or existing, and taking it to another higher level. This will eventually help in reaching the organizational goals. The internet marketing manager responsibilities include that the marketing team carries out all the essential functions, so as to generate maximum revenue for the organization. This professional takes an active part in leading the internet advertising campaigns and works towards improving the navigation of the various websites of the organization. This is a high profile position that requires to handle multiple projects at a time.

Key Responsibilities

The internet marketing plays a key role in the contribution and effective implementation of various online marketing strategies and tactics that include advertising, email, search engine, etc., and managing effective and professional working relationship with the company's affiliates. He/she is responsible for aquiring partners and clients as well as retaining the old clients. He/she looks out for various ways and tries to explore different online marketing trends and opportunities. He/she is also involved in the evaluation and tracking of the marketing initiatives. He/she generally works as per the instructions given by the marketing director and also to support the marketing objectives, thereby aiding in broadening the horizons of the organization. He/she is accountable for leading the inbound marketing strategies by creating unique content. He/she makes effective use of online marketing technologies that would aid in automating and driving various marketing campaigns. The responsibilities that need to be handled by this person may vary depending on the needs of the employer. The general duties, however, are mentioned below for your reference:

  1. To formulate the best search engine optimization and search engine marketing practices, website development, online advertising as well as the content to drive revenue and new customers
  2. To manage all the aspects of online marketing strategies, programs and to oversee the ad campaigns
  3. To perform the tests consistently so as to optimize the results based on the revenue goals outlined by the organization
  4. To drive the search engine optimization programs and to make sure that the sites are ranked high for the valued set of keywords
  5. To drive and develop email marketing programs, performances and make recommendations if any additional online marketing programs need to be implemented
  6. To keep a track and subsequently report the key operational metrics that include traffic, performance, etc.

The internet marketing manager in addition to the above responsibilities is accountable for the driving the marketing opportunities by identifying them. He/she is responsible for managing the development of designs for various site pages, banner advertisements, emails, etc. He/she procures assets from various resources and applies his/her latest knowledge related to web standards, content and messaging. He/she manages the online promotions that include participation in various competitions, subscription drives, etc., and is equally responsible for managing the online marketing budget. He/she works in close coordination with the marketing and creative teams to ensure that all the online marketing activities comply with the policies and standards laid down by the organization. He/she is responsible for reporting the traffic and sales figures and plans out activities that would help in increasing the traffic and enhancing the sales figures for the organization. He/she provides inputs into web design and navigation, so as to improve the retention as well as the conversion of site visitors. Thus, the responsibilities are varied and complex in nature.

Essential Skills and Abilities

The internet marketing managers should have indepth knowledge of the online media, SEO, affiliate marketing, email acquisition, etc. They should possess superior writing and communication skills. They should be a creative thinkers with an entrepreneurial spirit. They should have very proactive work ethics with great organizational skills and attention to detail. They should have a great follow through attitude and should complete all the tasks with minimal supervision, with special emphasis on solving problems. They should have the ability to manage multiple tasks, strong project management skills and should be ready to work in cross functional teams. He/she should be extremely well organized and should be able to delegate work according to the priority needs. Strong written and oral communication skills are a must. Being in the managerial position, they should be able to lead and supervise the team and should be able to work independently as well as demonstrate team work.

Educational Requirements

The individual who possesses a bachelor's degree in business administration or any other relevant field would be preferred. Some course in online marketing or related field would prove to be an advantage. Prior work experience would be an asset while competing with the rest of the applicants.

Work Schedule

The internet marketing managers work for at least forty to fifty five hours per week, Monday through Friday. In some situations, they may need to work overtime to complete the assigned priority work on an urgent basis. They may work late in the evenings or nights and may sometimes work on the weekends as well.

Salary Details

The salary will definitely differ from one individual to another and from one employer to other. This is because it is dependent on the size, location and type of the organization as well as the educational background, skills, and experience that an individual has in that particular field. The average salary offered is in the range of $65,000 to $72,000.

Career Prospects

The job opportunities will continue to rise steadily and those with relevant education and experience can definitely look forward to a rewarding career ahead.

Therefore, if you want to establish yourselves in this field, make sure that you carry out the internet marketing manager responsibilities well.

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