Internet Sales Manager Job Description

With the internet becoming one of the most sought after mediums to promote various products, ensure better sales for the organization to aid in its business development, the internet sales manager responsibilities have definitely become much more challenging. The face and scope of online shopping is changing rapidly and hence it becomes very difficult for the internet sales manager to tap the right customers by developing and implementing different strategies. His/her ultimate aim is thus to achieve maximum sales and business by grabbing the potential clients. He/she is basically responsible for carrying out promotional marketing and selling activities of the clients' products and services via internet by making effective use of various social networking sites.

Key Responsibilities Of Internet Sales Manager

The internet sales manager is responsible for carrying out the online sales of the products and services assigned by the client. He/she uses various ways to sell these products and services by chatting, emailing or by making use of blogs to reach to the target audience.

He/she is responsible for providing the database of the potential customers to his/her team members as well as that of the existing customers. He/she ensures that these customers are made aware about the products, their special offers, discounts, etc.

He/she prepares the sales targets for the team and makes sure that the strategies are designed in such a way, so as to achieve maximum sales by promoting the products well on the internet. He/she provides directions to the sales professionals and evaluates their performance.

He/she prepares sales reports and handles if there are any issues with the ongoing internet sales.

Here are a few points that will be able to give you a clear idea as to what exactly are the key responsibilities that need to be handled by the internet sales manager:

In addition to the above responsibilities, the internet sales manager needs to handle some other tasks as well.

Essential Skills

Educational Background

The basic educational criteria required to make an entry in this field is that the person should have completed a college diploma. The individuals who have a bachelor's degree in business administration, business management, marketing, computer science, etc., would also be considered for this position. Applicants with a web designing diploma would be at a greater advantage while competing for this position.

Work Environment

This professional works in an office environment and may require frequent traveling as well. This is a full time position requiring him/her to work for at least forty hours per week, but may need to work over time occasionally.

Salary Details

The remuneration package offered may differ from one organization to other. In addition to the salary, these professionals receive additional commission or may receive a benefits package as well. The individuals working in technical and professional fields earn more. The average salary offered is close to $94,000 and may vary depending on the individual's skills, qualifications, and experience.

Career Prospects

The career prospects for this professionals look bright and promising with more and more people ordering products online. There is no doubt that those who have excelled in handling their duties will rise higher and definitely be offered a more lucrative salary.

Thus, if you want to take your career to new heights, make sure you shoulder the internet sales manager responsibilities efficiently, effectively and professionally.

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