Bioanalytical Chemist Responsibilities

Analytical chemistry refers to the science of analyzing the chemical compositions of various artificial and natural products. It inlcudes separation, identification, and quantification of the chemical compounds. When you apply the same principles and methods to the science of biology, it is called bioanalytical chemistry. A bioanalytical chemist practices the science of bioanalytical chemistry. Bioanalytical chemist responsibilities include measuring the presence of xenobiotics and biotics within the biological systems. It implies interpreting the structure of biological samples, studying its various life processes, and concluding about the sample's chemical composition.

Here is a brief description of the responsibilities of bioanalytical chemist:

Bioanalytical chemistry has applications in several industries. It is primarily used in pharmaceutical industries and also to discover new drugs and analyze their impact on the human body. It is used in forensic science to analyze the circumstantial evidences in the form of skin, nails, or hair. It helps to find out more about the suspect's or victim's condition prior to the crime. It helps to identify the drug consumption by an individual. Also, it is used in conducting the anti-doping tests that help to prove the consumption of performance enhancement drugs by the sports player before the game. These are common applications of bioanalytical chemist responsibilities.

A bioanalytical chemist requires expert knowledge in fields of science and chemistry. He requires a master's degree or a PhD to pursue a successful career in the field of research. Qualitative skills such as the ability to conduct experiments, precision to record readings, proficiency in interpreting the readings, and efficiency at documenting the work are highly important for this profile. Most bioanalytical chemists work in laboratories. Traveling and feild work are required for few profiles. They enjoy calm and peaceful environments that help them perform experiments with precision. However, several experiments have the potential to cause injury to the scientists. Hence, the chemists must follow all safety precautions while handling chemical reactions. Others who pursue a career as documentation experts or as teachers, work in educational institutes or offices. They do not face severe work pressures and health hazards.

Being aware of several job responsibilities is critical to find your dream job. Pursuing a career sincerely and acquiring necessary knowledge will go waste if you end up in a career that does not suit your interests. Hence, it is vital to perform a self introspection to identify your likes and dislikes and preferences in choosing a career. For this purpose, it is advisable to gather as much information as possible about different job profiles and be acquainted with the major responsibilities associated with the profile. Refer to the details given in these bioanalytical chemist responsibilities and acquire the information necessary to make a successful career in this field.

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