Biological Scientist Responsibilities

Responsibilities of a biological scientist comprise researching about a particular biological theory and/or hypothesis, drawing specific conclusions based on the research, and publishing the results in scientific papers. For a biological scientist, the research topics are strictly related to the biological fields like botany, zoology, environmental biology, microbiology, and biotechnology.

Key Responsibilities

The area of specialization in the field of biology is very vast, hence there are major sub divisions involved in it. The major area of specialization of a biological scientist is divided into two divisions based on its applications, viz basic biology and applied biology. The duties and responsibilities of a biological scientist vary depending upon the type of major classification.

Biological scientists are responsible for establishing a connection between the living organisms and its usefulness to the mankind by their research. The basic biology researchers are committed towards basic understanding of the life processes in various life forms; while the applied biology researchers are inclined towards applying the results of basic life study for creating a new procedure and/or product for health based / commercial industries.

Though the research area of basic and applied biological scientists are different, the duties and responsibilities involved in this particular job profile are the same.

The main biological scientist responsibilities include:

Required Qualifications and Skills

The job profile of a biological scientist demands to follow extensive research procedures in the field of biology. The basic qualification required for this profile is a Master's degree in any biological field. Junior level biological scientists have to work under the senior level scientists or in a team of other scientists. One can work as an independent researcher in any reputed research organization once one completes his PhD in a specialized field of biology. A postdoctoral fellowship positions in biological field ensures the further success of a biological scientist in the research profile.

Apart from the basic educational requirement, a biological scientist needs to have a familiar knowledge in the connected field of biology like physics, chemistry, and mathematics. When it comes to research, it is the duty of a scientist to publish an accurate result of his findings without any manipulation. So it is required for a biological scientist to be sincere and organized in his work.

Salary Compensation

Biological scientists can get a wide range of salaries, depending on the educational qualification, previous research experience, and the field of specialization. Average salary of a basic biological scientist falls between $50,000 to $70,000 annually; while for applied biological scientists it falls in between $60,000 to $80,000 per annum. For graduates with a bachelor's degree, the average starting salary falls in between $30,00 to $50,000 annually.

Growth Prospects

The growth prospects of biological scientists are expected to grow faster than other careers in the near future. Around 21% of job growth for biological scientists is anticipated in the next decade, as the federal government's raise in the fundings of biotechnological research and development.

Although the growth prospects in this field are very high, there is a keen competition among the job seekers for acquiring the best job position in this profile. An in-depth look in learning the roles and responsibilities of a biological scientist will give you a better prospect for deciding if you are really suitable for this profile.

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