Engineering Geologist Job Description

Engineering geologists are the concern persons who supervise the engineering geology performance, carry out technical analysis of earth and its materials and evaluate the risks of geological hazards. One of the major engineering geologist responsibilities is to ensure that the hazardous geological factors are identified before starting with any engineering project at a specified site, as they may affect the work.

These professionals are also involved with designing and analyzing sites that are environmentally sensitive. This may include landfill sites. They monitor the development site and analyze ground conditions in order to ensure that the structures will be secure for short as well as long term.

Their job purpose is to assist manager and project engineers by providing design, analysis and construction services for water resources, geo-technical and mining projects. They need to be proficient to demonstrate their coursework and experience with emphasis in rock mechanics and geology field.

An engineering geologist has to perform variety of tasks such as reviewing the schedules and plans that confirm to particular ordinances which deal with soil stability and earth. They have to perform tasks as a superior officer and should have knowledge of grading methods and techniques along with soil mechanics.

Key Responsibilities of an Engineering Geologist

Engineering geologists assess the integrity of groundwater, rock, soil and other natural conditions before the construction of major projects. They can also advise on processes required for such suitability and developments and requirement of suitable construction materials. Their key responsibilities involve:

Required Specifications and Skills for Engineering Geologist

There are certain specifications and skills that are required:

In order to qualify for the post of an engineering geologist, a person needs to get registered as licensed and professional engineering geologist. He or she should have enough of experience in the same field. Engineering geologist responsibilities are tough to manage and require technical knowledge along with the knowledge of a related field.

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