Geologist I Responsibilities

Geologists are scientists that survey geographic bodies like oceans, rocks, earth's crust, volcanoes, earth's environment, etc., and supervise the work of analyzing these elements by gathering huge scientific data pertaining to a lot of physical and chemical properties of these elements. The findings are then formatted in the form of reports and documents wherein the important geological aspects of these elements are put to light to understand their practical application for their required fields. For example, the soil is studied to see its applicability in construction work, rocks are studied to see the content of minerals or crude oil in them and so on.

Geologists are graduates with a specialization in fields like oceanology, hydrology, hydrogeology, geomorphology, fluid mechanics, rock mechanics/engineering, soil mechanics, geochemistry, and many other relevant sciences. Geologists play a very important role in analyzing geological elements for a lot of factors like deciding their suitability for something, their strength, their chemical compositions and so on.

A lot of research, analysis, outdoor traveling, working for long hours (mostly at places where humans rarely exist or live) are required in this field.

Geologists work in diverse fields that are interconnected in a way or other; geology being the common factor. Among the various positions held by geologists as far as their jobs are considered, there is a general four level hierarchy distinguished in the form of responsibilities endowed upon them, their experience and their salaries and the overall job status.

Geologists I are entry level graduates that join the work on the grass root level, learning new things and gathering experience.

Geologist 1 Responsibilities

As Geologist 1 is the first level of a four-level hierarchy in this field, individuals holding this positions work as assistants to higher level geologists in many activities like geological investigations, research and surveys of various geological elements. Assistance in data documentation and preparation of preliminary reports and maintaining the documents is also carried out by individuals in this position.

The general geologist responsibilities that are noted below are not totally inclusive to any particular organization's rules regarding the type, form and level of work in general. Any subset of the responsibilities noted may be endowed upon by the individual and any added responsibilities can also be imparted according to the organization's requirements.

Geological Work

The geologist I is required to research various source documents related to geologic study and research over the world so as to assist the project work. Research of various maps, geological literature, well logs, cross sections of various water bodies, precipitation records and other relevant old data is done.

Other filed work like assisting senior geologists in various surveys, field investigations, collecting data for lab study like samples of rock, soil, water, etc., are undertaken. Geologist I also assists a senior geologist in studying on-field circumstances that could point towards a volcanic eruption, earthquake, tornado and landslides.


A geologist I is required to maintain a proper documentation of collected data and its interpretations done by senior geologists. Reviewing of previously gathered data, historic maps and the data regarding the current project is also required. Assistance is provided to the senior geologists in cutting down the huge data gathered to a subset of only the required or important data, either manually or by using some computer applications.

Compile the relevant and important data from various studies and investigations to a proper format. Prepare proper reports and documents for project presentations and documentation under the observation of a senior geologist.

Project Work

The geologist I is responsible for solving general queries regarding a specific project for the general public, clients and management. He/she assists senior geologists in getting various licenses and permissions issued by various law governing bodies and keeps a check on contractors and outsourced work to ensure that the work follows laws and right practices. He/she is also required to perform various laboratory tests on various material to be used or gathered.

Project Co-ordination

Geologists I help in co-ordinating various projects like landslide inventory and rockfall recovery in the long run. They assist in co-ordinating these activities with various internal and external technical groups and individual technicians.

Educational Qualifications

Geologists 1 are essentially science graduates with specialization in civil engineering, geology, geophysics or other relevant subjects from a reputed institute. A master's degree in geology is much sought after and individuals having such qualification are much likely to get promoted soon and well.

Average Salary

Individuals holding this position earn anywhere between $40,000 to $42,000 on an average. For a candidate with good on-job experience from a reputed organization, the salary can be different. This figure is just an estimate and salaries are never an issue for the right candidate at any place. Promotions are also possible through a good service and various competitive exams.

Form of Work

Geologists mostly spend their time on construction sites, historic places, oceans, near volcanic mountains, oil and natural gas extraction and refinery sites, rocky mountains or terrains, studying various factors and collecting samples for lab tests. Long hours may be spent on traveling for job purposes, mostly outdoor traveling at places where human races rarely exist or live. Long work hours may be spent in laboratories by studying various samples gathered from fields, when not working on the field.

If taken seriously, this career opportunity can turn out to be a fulfilling career with great opportunities for growth in the future. Having gone through the geologist I responsibilities, if you feel that you would suit well for this job, go for it. It projects a job that has stability, gives good pay and is filled with a lot of challenging work for the people who love this kind of work.

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