Geologist Responsibilities

Geologists are scientists who study the overall matter of the earth on its surface as well as in its crust and research about the processes happened in the past that formed the matter. Geologists apply the knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology and other applied sciences in their overall research. They are also involved in the exploration of minerals, metals and crude oil from the earth’s crust.

Geologists work closely in studying the causes and proximities of natural calamities like earthquake, tsunamis, storms, volcanic eruptions, etc., and their studies are presented as warning signs to the general population about the occurrence of such natural calamities. They keep on studying the patterns in climate changes on earth and the surrounding universe to understand the hazards of it for all the living and non-living elements on earth.

Key Responsibilities of a Geologist

There are various specializations in the field of geology like mineralogy, paleontology, geotechnology and many others where the work is closely related to the study of exploration and research of the earth’s surface and crust. Mineralogists are involved in the study of rocks and exploration of minerals, crude oil and precious stones. Paleontologists research and explore how the world was during the pre-historic times, what caused the origin of earth and what led to the birth of life on earth. They work in close collaboration of biologists and study fossils and rocks. Geological engineers or geotechnologists help in determining the engineering aspects of building dams, roads and undertaking any such construction work which would not suffer any damages due to the various processes occurring inside the earth’s crust.

To understand their work thoroughly, we present a detailed account of the key geologist responsibilities below:

Key Skills

Educational Qualifications

The minimum qualification required to enter this field is a degree in geology. Often, such degrees serve as the gateway to the field, helping individuals to start as junior scientists. However, a PG or specialization in a relevant field is much sought-after. The experience in the field could also make junior scientists major in their posts and reach to the position of a full-fledged research scientist.

Form of Work

Geologists are continuously involved in research activities at remote places. Travelling for most of their on-job time is an important part of their work. Long hours of working, changing shifts and work on weekends too are inevitable.

People who enjoy oceans, rocks and all other imaginable non-living things, lot of research, living on their own and enjoying working and traveling frequently suit well for this field.

Employment Opportunities

There is huge scope for geologists in various industries related to research and exploration of the earth's crust, its matter, rocks, oceans and its applied fields like construction, mining, weather forecast and many more. Geologists are actively involved in the research of environmental sciences and the effects of various processes happening in the earth's crust and surface to the entire environment. Mostly, geologists work in the natural gas and petroleum industry, researching probable places of such resources and techniques to extract them in a better way.

Geologists also find work opportunities in private industries, universitites, colleges and museums. Geologists teach courses like general science, earth science and other related sciences like environmental studies, ecology, etc., in schools and colleges.

There are huge career opportunities for research and core-field work as well as in teaching. For the ones who love to explore things and live in unusal learning and working environments, this field offers many chances of progress. The salaries are also good for both the fields and the jobs are stable.

Having known the geologist responsibilities, form of their work and employment opportunities, you can consider this field as your career path if you are looking for some real, interesting work and a good paying, stable job.

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