FireFighter Job Description

The fire fighter responsibilities include saving human lives and belongings by battling, forbidding and eliminating fires. He trains himself for fire fighting duties and participates in the same. He takes care of the burnt or injured victims and prevents fire from spreading further. He ensures that the fire is brought into control as soon as possible with minimum damage to life and property.

He is responsible for sustaining all the fire equipment and making proper use of them, as and when the situations arise. He executes his duties in fake practice sessions in order to prepare himself for real life fire situations. He works very hard, physically and mentally in order to execute his job responsibilities in a proper manner.

He needs to possess fire fighting skills so that he can work effectively under or with a team. The responsibilities of a fire fighter are the same everywhere, but the manner in which his duties, roles, responsibilities and jobs are executed may differ from one place to another. His basic responsibilities are as under:

Fire Fighter Responsibilities

Qualifications and Skills Required For FireFighter

The candidate should have a mimimum of a high school diploma and the ability to read, write and speak English language at a reporting level. He must be ready to adjust to the kind of environment fire fighters deal with all the time. He must be creative and have a presence of mind. He should be willing to take all the initiatives to save the lives of people and damages to properties even if others are not helping him.

He should know how to take care of his life and save himself from fire. He should have passed all the mock drills and other essential training requirements in order to fufill the job responsibilities of a fire fighter. Having a stable mind and body is also equally important. He should not be suffering from any health ailments. At last, but not the least, he must be kind-hearted and should have sympathy for people; only then, he can execute his job duties responsibly.

Working Conditions

He works in an emergency situational environment. He may be called any time of the day or night to execute his roles and responsibilities with full dedication and hard work. Most of the times, he relaxes, but his door of duties can open any time and at any place. He has rotaional shifts, with he being called even on Saturdays and Sundays.


He earns an average salary of USD 58, 000 per annum. But this salary is different in different places and is greatly influenced by the type of organization he works in.

Thus, the fire fighter responsibilities include saving the lives of people and minimizing the damage caused to the properties by battling fire.

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