Head Lifeguard Responsibilities

The head lifeguard responsibilities include overseeing, instructing, planning and assessing the personnel who have been allocated a swimming facility and executing lifeguard activities. He/she trains the newcomers and supervises the operations that are executed in a swimming pool. He/she also executes other pool duties and roles, as and when needed, as advised by the manager. A head lifeguard may also look after the administration and take care of junior swimming coaches or lifeguards.

He/she arranges the newcomers in a particular way and teaches them swimming and other aquatic related activities. He/she inspires them to learn and teaches them all the possible water activities that can save their lives and lives of other people. A head lifeguard gives all the instructions and advice to the public and newcomers in accordance to the policies and safety rules and regulations of the swimming pool or that area. A head lifeguard also executes the following key duties and roles that are mentioned below:

Skills Required

The first and foremost requirement for the position of a head lifeguard is that the candidate should be an excellent swimmer. He/she must have completed atleast 520 hours as a lifeguard in a prestigious aquatic or swimming organization. He/she must possess the required certificates that allow him/her to serve as a head lifeguard. He/she has to complete first aid and other medical safety trainings. A head lifeguard needs to have good attention and observation skills. Apart from these, he/she should not be suffering from epilepsy. Having good training and gymnasium skills would be an asset to the organization.

Working Conditions

A head lifeguard should be comfortable working in a wet and watery environment. He/she should be equally comfortable working in all kinds of weather conditions, noise and odours. He/she may have to assist people immediately and offer them first aid. He/she may have to wear a uniform of the particular organization that hires him/her and generally work early mornings to late evenings everyday. The duty timings of a head lifeguard varies from one place to another, depending on the organization. He/she gets one off day in a week.


A head lifeguard's compensation is decided on an hourly basis. He earns about USD 12 to USD 13 per hour on a median basis.

Thus, the head lifeguard responsibilities include taking care of the swimming pool and saving the lives of people who are on the verge of death.

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