Information Assurance Security Officer Responsibilities

In today's changing world, storage of information in computers is ever increasing and the data that is stored needs to be protected and secured. In the recent times, this has definitely become one of the most researched issues worldwide. To find out effective solutions to protect the most sensitive information is one of the most important information assurance security officer responsibilities. The information assurance security officer exchanges different ideas to explore and implement the latest development in this field. Thus, he/she plays a vital role in ensuring the security and protecting the most significant data and information.

Key Responsibilities of an Information Assurance Security Officer

The information assurance security officer is primarily responsible for analyzing the information assurance assessment needs and providing oversight, support and guidance to meet the requirements of the information assurance program. He/she should have in depth knowledge of the the information assurance policies and procedures and should be able to carry out these duties effectively. His/her job is mostly of supportive type and to better understand this role, let us get into the details of the key responsibilities that need to be carried out by an information assurance security officer:

  1. To provide valuable assistance in the preparation, coordination, distribution, and maintenance of various plans, policies, instructions and to guide on the relevant operating policies and procedures that need to be adhered by
  2. To ensure that there is a general awareness amongst the users about the information assurance security policies and train them on the same. If there is any non-compliance, then he/she makes sure that it is reported to the highest authorized person keeping in terms with the rules and regulations of the organization
  3. To ensure that all the certification and accreditation procedures have been fulfilled and maintained by adhering to the DoD information assurance certification and accreditation process
  4. To notify and report in writing if there is any kind of security violation and make sure that there is no occurrence of any such incidents
  5. To assist the team members in analyzing and assessing the security solutions, to check, review, and verify all the details related to information assurance vulnerability management, and to maintain all the necessary documentation to keep a track of the security related problems

The information assurance security officer, thus provides all the necessary support to meet the information assurance security requirements and ensures that all the associated risks have been maintained to a minimum acceptable level. He/she must be well-equipped with the DoD standards and should have an ability to translate these security policies into the information assurance configuration, so as to ensure its effective applicability. He/she must be able to carry out vulnerability scans and document them as well. Thus, he/she implements and enforces information assurance security policies and procedures and makes sure that the security standards have been adhered to.

Essential Skills

The individual aspiring to become an information assurance security officer should have the ability to execute duties in a fast paced work environment within the given time constraints. He/she should have multi tasking ability and should be able to manage multiple projects at times. He/she should be able to demonstrate excellent customer service skills and should be comfortable working in a team environment.

Educational Background

The basic educational background required to be eligible for the post of an information assurance security officer is an individual who has completed a bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering, information systems, or any other relevant engineering background. A CISSP certification will prove to be of great help. Any other additional and relevant training and certification will also be an advantage.

Work Schedule

The work of an information assurance security officer is quite hectic and occasional traveling may be required. He/she normally works in a dynamic work environment and may be required to work extra depending on the priority of the work.

Salary Details

The minimum basic salary required for an information assurance security officer is 36,000, while the maximum earned usually ranges in between $85,000 to $103,000. The salary generally changes according to the location of the organization, its type, its size, and other relevant education, skills, and experience in that particular field.

Career Prospects

The career prospects look bright and promising for the individuals aspiring to make a career in the field of information assurance security. Those with proven skills and abilities can surely make it to the higher managerial positions and ensure a better salary package.

Thus, if you are able to shoulder the information assurance security officer responsibilities well, then this can surely be one of the most challenging, rewarding, and lucrative career option for you to take your career to new heights.

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