Information Security Consultant Responsibilities

Information security is nothing but ensuring the fact that the information used for various purposes like storage, transmission of data through various systems and processes is being secured and protected. The information security consultant responsibilities play a vital role in protecting and safeguarding the valuable information of the organization and help in effective management of the relevant risks that may be involved in various processes and procedures. Thus, in general, it is related with the security of the data that is stored in various systems by ensuring compliance with various private and standard business procedures and by protecting it against the attack of viruses and hackers. Therefore, an information security consultant is the person who is responsible for protecting the vital data and securing it, which will in turn help in safeguarding the interest of the organization.

Key Responsibilities of an Information Security Consultant

The information security consultant oversees the functioning of the information security measures, leads it, plans, designs, and implements it to incorporate the information security safeguards that are designed to meet the organization's mission. Throughout this implementation, it is ensured that all the relevant policies and procedures related to information security are being adhered by the team members. He/she is involved in delegating and ensuring that all the assigned work is being carried out as per the given instructions. To get a better idea, mentioned below are a few points that will illustrate the key responsibilities that need to be handled by an information security consultant in any organization:

  1. To ensure that all the data pertaining to the company and its clients is safeguarded against unauthorized or illegal use by implementing various methodologies against those who violate the security rules and regulations
  2. To maintain the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the information and to maintain its authenticity, control and utility of the relevant data
  3. To support all the necessary procedures related to security approval, accreditation, certification, etc.
  4. To implement a realistic approach during the certification schedule and process
  5. To keep a track of the resolution of vulnerabilities that have been identified on the system and to develop, update, maintain, and implement plan of action subsequently
  6. To ensure compliance with all vulnerability and mitigation procedures and to establish and install security fixes at regular intervals

The information security consultant, thus oversees the duties performed by the subordinate staff members related to monitoring, upgrading, maintaining, and troubleshooting the networking issues to ensure the protection and integrity of the data by ensuring that it is protected from its unauthorized access. He/she should be able to address and resolve the security issues and should have knowledge and understanding of the best practices of security. He/she is involved in maintaining all the documentation related to security, reviewing the security reports, defining action plans for mitigation of risks, etc.

This professional works towards ensuring continued compliance with all the current rules and directives. He/she provides continuous support to the newly appointed team members and trains them on various security policies and procedures that need to be followed by them. He/she delegates and assigns the work to the subordinate members and reviews their work to ensure compliance with the standardized rules. He/she supervises the team and may be involved in the hiring and training procedures. He/she keeps a track on the operational budget and makes sure that the expenditures are made as per the assigned budget. He/she promotes information security awareness programs and provides ideas that would help in improvising the security levels.

Essential Skills

The information security consultant should be able to explain complex ideas in a concise manner. He/she should have good judgmental and decision making skills. Excellent analytical and interpretation skills would be of great help. Excellent communication skills and good presentation skills would be beneficial.

Educational Background

To be eligible to apply for the post of an information security consultant, an individual should have completed a bachelor's degree in information security, information technology, computer science, engineering, or any other business or finance field. A masters or a doctoral degree would help you in advancing your career to higher positions. Experience and certification in information technology security, network configuration, vulnerability assessment and management will surely prove to be an advantage. Previous work experience in a similar role would definitely prove to be a plus. A CISSP certification would be an edge while getting selected for the dream job.

Work Schedule

Being in a position that demands high levels of responsibilities, the information security consultant needs to work really hard and normally has a hectic work schedule. Though his/her normal work schedule lasts for forty to forty five hours per week, he/she may need to work overtime on some occasions. Sometimes, he/she may even be required to work on the weekends.

Salary Details

The basic starting salary for an information security consultant ranges in between $38,000 to $45,000. The experienced candidates with relevant work experience can get a salary package in the range of $130,000 to $142,000. It may also differ depending on the location, type, and size of the organization he/she is working in.

Career Prospects

Most of the companies world over are interested in hiring more number of information security consultants, as they are able to provide their expert knowledge in the relevant field. Moreover, the organization is also benefited as they get the services that are efficient and cost effective.

Thus, if you are sure that you will be able to handle the information security consultant responsibilities effectively and efficiently, then this can surely be one of the most rewarding and lucrative career options for you.

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