Information Security Specialist Responsibilities

With more and more organizations engaged in storing their most important, significant and valuable information in computers, the demand for recruiting more number of information security specialist is definitely rising. The information security specialist responsibilities thus need to be carried out efficiently in order to safeguard the vital information of the organization and help in achieving its desired goals. He/she helps in creating a general security awareness and makes sure that the data remains secured in case there is illegal access by any unauthorized person in some accidental situation.

Key Responsibilities of an Information Security Specialist

The information security specialist plays a key role in ensuring that the most sensitive data of the organization remains safe as well as secured. He/she helps in planning, developing, and designing various security measures to prevent the systems from getting attacked from the possible cyber threats. He/she tries to identify these possible threats and monitors the system consistently to ensure that there is no system violation. He/she ensures that all the security standards and policies are being followed by the subordinate staff members. The following points will assist you in understanding the key responsibilities that need to be handled by an information security specialist in a better way:

  1. To take immediate corrective actions for any possible information security issues and make sure that all the security standards have been followed by each and every individual in the organization
  2. To keep updated with the latest technological developments and trends happening in the industry and ensure that they are being implemented within the existing system
  3. To develop new ways to ensure that high level of security is maintained and to recommend modifications to improve the existing security standards
  4. To keep a track record of all the incidents related to security violations and to ensure that they are being recorded in the relevant security reports
  5. To ensure that whenever the data is corrupted or damaged, take corrective measures so that the most significant data of the organization can be retrieved. He/she makes sure that all these findings and solutions have been properly documented
  6. To design disaster recovery plan, perform assessment of vulnerabilities, and ensure that the security plans are being carried out perfectly as instructed

The information security specialist helps in developing, planning, and managing the project right from its inception to its completion to ensure that the security is maintained at the maximum level. He/she may merge the most vital IT projects to make sure that the security measures are taken and are being adhered throughout the entire life cycle of the project. He/she takes care that each and every step in the disaster recovery procedures has been tested and examined to ensure its applicability. He/she helps in determining the risks involved and finds out ways to ensure that the risks are reduced to a minimum level.

This professional recommends contingency measures to deal with any security related issues. He/she regularly conducts vulnerability scans and performs penetration testing of the organization's infrastructure. He/she compiles and consolidates security metrics. He/she also prepares the information security status reports. He/she tries to understand the possible future security threats and issues along with the possible actions that can be taken to mitigate security risks. He/she advises the higher authority to deploy cost effective and quality security management services that would help in achieving the organizational goals. He/she trains the staff members on the strategies related to information security and management of the risks involved in it as well as creates a general security awareness. Thus, the information security specialist needs to perform a diverse range of duties.

Essential Skills

The information security specialist should be totally focused on meeting the clients requirements as well as that of the organization. He/she should be able to design new methods of improvising the security procedures and should be comfortable in handling multiple priorities. He/she should possess strong interpersonal communication skills and have the ability to work under pressure and ensure that the work delivered is of high quality standards. He/she should always be updated with the latest technological developments.

Educational Requirements

The information security should have completed a bachelor or a master's degree in information technology, computer science, or any other relevant field. Certification in information security field such as CISSP, CISM, SSCP, etc., would be an added advantage. An equivalent combination of academic qualification and experience would help you in getting the desired job more easily.

Work Schedule

The information security specialist is a position that needs to handle a wide range of responsibilities. He/she may need to work extra beyond his/her scheduled duty hours.

Salary Details

The junior level information security specialists or those individuals with little or no experience can get a salary package ranging in between $54,000 to $62,000, while those with more experience or those working in higher level senior positions can get a salary close to $108,000. The location, type, and size of the organization are also some of the key factors that will determine the final salary package.

Career Prospects

The career prospects look bright and promising for the individuals who have a thorough understanding of the information security post and have demonstrated their abilities in designing security programs and are well equipped with knowledge of information technology platforms. The individuals who apply their current expertise knowledge and implement new ideas have better chances for growth and development.

Therefore, if you are able to shoulder the information security specialist responsibilities well, then the chances for career advancement are much higher, thus ensuring a rewarding career.

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