Staff Nurse Job Description

The profession of a nurse is extremely important and fast growing; therefore, the staff nurse job description given will educate on all their duties and educational requirements. Their main job is to provide care to the patients admitted in the hospital.

The profession has existed from a long time. Today, there are many different kinds of nurses who have special duties according to the field they are entering in. One of the many different nurses is the staff nurse. Some aspects of their duties are similar to all the nurses but some are different, including educational qualifications.

The staff nurses have to look after the patients that are admitted in their care. They have to maintain their charts and administer the medications according to the chart. Maintaining proper timing of the medications is important. The nurses also have to carefully monitor their diet. Most patients have to follow a particular diet according to their illness. The nurses have to ensure that they stick to their diet as it aids in the healing process.

The nurses, just like the doctors, have to take rounds during shift change and inform the other nurses on what is to be done for the patient. They have to also accompany the doctors while they make rounds and update them on the condition of the patients. They also have to bring all the pathology reports to the patients and put them in their file.

Whenever a patient gets admitted, they have to place an intracath in their vein. This intracath is used to give the patient saline drips and injections. They have to be good at it and should be able to enter the vein in the first prick itself. They also have to be good at dressing wounds. These are basic requirement of the staff nurse job description.

The staff nurses get the patients ready before any surgical procedure. They wheel them in and out of the operation theatre and help them recuperate. They also talk to the family of the patient. The nurses also have access to the medicine inventory. They have to ensure that the stocks match according to patient's requirement. This is required by law and the stocks of medicines are closely monitored. There are many other such unconventional responsibilities that the nurses have to handle, check out the staff nurse job description to know them.

Duties and responsibilities

Staff nurses get a good salary. They also have the opportunity of making more money by picking up extra shifts. They have a good chance of moving ahead in their job. The education is not very expensive. There is a huge requirement for nurses which was until now being fulfilled by hiring nurses from other countries, but now many hospitals are interested in hiring talent from the country. Therefore, now is a great time to enter this profession.


Advancing prospects

Staff nurses get promoted to posts like head nurse or even become nursing tutors. Some nurses use their salary to get them self enrolled into medical school.

The staff nurse job description is to provide care for the patients, but staff nurses aid the doctors and the patients as well. The care they give is extremely useful in the patient's recovery.

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