Bio Statistician Responsibilities

Scientists continue to research and develop new procedures for different purposes. With the changing times, scientists have started using statistics as a tool to initiate and conduct researches so that the end results are useful for the community. A scientist working in this domain is called a bio statistician.

A bio statistician can work basically for the health care sector that includes pharmaceutical industries as well. They work towards the publication of research papers that are an important source of knowledge for the community. Depending on the client requirements, a bio statistician identifies the need of research and accordingly selects the elements to be included in the research.

Based on the research design, a bio statistician selects the procedure for the collection and presentation of data in the form of statistics. These statistical presentations help in identifying the effect of a specific drug, risk posed from industrial and vehicle emissions, or any other study that is directly related to health and environment. These reports are circulated to the concerned agencies and are also published. Here, the bio statistician helps in reviewing and editing the content and also authoring the findings.

The job responsibilities of a bio statistician are to provide the most relevant and accurate statistics that are helpful and informative to the employer, clients, or other agencies. The reports that the bio statisticians provide can also be used for educational purposes and for spreading awareness among common masses.

More information about the responsibilities of a bio statistician is given below for your reference.

Process Design

A bio statistician is responsible for developing the research design and identifying the elements that need to be included in the research process. These elements include sample size, questionnaire, mode of communication, data processing systems, etc.

Data Collection

The primary job of a bio statistician is to conduct a thorough research and use various sources to collect the data. Once the collection process is over, the bio statistician is required to verify the accuracy of the data.

Analysis, Processing, and Presentation

The bio statistician is responsible for analyzing, categorizing, processing, and presenting the data. This can be done using a specific or different procedures to extract the information required for further study.

Editing and Publication

The bio statistician serves as an editor and author for the publication of research findings by the fellow statisticians.

Project Management

The bio statistician manages the various phases of the research project. He specifies and implements measures for quality control and ensures that the organizational guidelines and confidentiality are maintained.


The bio statistician trains and mentors new recruits. He instructs other statisticians and provides them necessary information when asked for.

Skills of a Bio Statistician

A bio statistician should be:

Becoming a Bio Statistician

A bachelor's or master's degree in biostatistics combined with an experience of minimum one year is necessary to become eligible for this job.

Career Scope for a Bio Statistician

Average salary of a bio statistician is $90,000. It varies depending on various factors such as previous work experience of the applicant, job location, organizational requirements, etc. Additional benefits, too, vary with the applicant's performance and organizational policies.

The job of a bio statistician and his responsibilities at work place help you to understand the significance of this position.

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